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This week, our daughter started the year in her new troop.  She was excited and nervous, just as most fifth graders, like her, would be.  It was particularly bittersweet, as she had been in the same troop for five years until it disbanded this spring.  I'm happy to report that it was a great night, and our sweet girl left excited and happy.  Meanwhile, I heaved a huge sigh of relief (sound familiar?!).

I know many of you are having these same experiences with your girls at this time of year.  It's always exciting to be a part of those first meetings, where the girls are getting to know each other and starting to make new friends.  It is so full of promise and fun!

The beginning of the Girl Scout year also means that it's time to register your girl and yourself as a volunteer or parent.  This is critically important! Being registered allows your Girl Scout to attend council program events and camp offerings, along with participating in the Fall Product and Cookie Sales.  No girl may participate in these activities if she is not registered.  Unregistered girls and adults are not covered by our Girl Scouts of the USA insurance, which would be very problematic should an accident occur.  Beyond that, Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama and GSUSA require that all girl participants be registered - period.

Again, please remember to register by Oct. 1. We hope your Girl Scout has a great start to this new GS year!  


So why do we register to be Girl Scouts?   Unlike many councils across the U.S., GSSA struggles to get members registered in a timely fashion each year.   As I speak with other CEOs, many have 60 percent of their members registered before October 1, which is the beginning of the membership year.   We are nowhere near that percentage.

So you ask, well, why does it matter, really?   Yes, it does, and here's why.  With registration comes insurance for adults and for girls.   Although that might not seem like a big deal to you, each year we have countless insurance claims.   These range from a stumble and a fall at camp, to someone getting stabbed in the forehead with a staple while trying to work with a girl on a craft project.   It was an accident, but accidents do happen.

 If you are not registered, then technically you are not attending a Girl Scout event, and you are not covered by council insurance, so you would have to cover this personally.  Trust me, that $12 per girl member is much less expensive than many insurance claims.   The $12 registration fee goes directly to GSUSA, and GSSA does not receive any of those funds, but this is the only way insurance is covered.   I wind up writing this each year, and it feels like I am nagging.   However, it is important for you to understand the liability you assume by meeting and not being registered.  We cannot cover situations where you met, had an accident, but had not turned in your annual registration.   So, please, remember to register soon if you have not already done so.   Thanks to those of you who register early, or register on time, we appreciate your diligence.

patch_ontime.jpgRegister ON TIME for the 2010-2011 membership year!  As you know, the Girl Scout year is from October 1, to September 30.  Keep your returning girls involved in Girl Scouts by not allowing their membership to lapse.   Plus, any new girls who are registering for the first time will get the On Time Patch as their first patch!

You may order the FREE On Time patches for all girls registered on or before September 30, 2010, with the exception of any girls who registered early and have already received the Early Bird Patch.  Patches will be ordered for the number of girls indicated below plus up to TWO additional patches for adult leadership. 

This form must accompany your troop registrations when they are submitted to the council.

2009???????10 was a fantastic year for the girls. We had fun and educational programs throughout southern Alabama and are planning many more this year.


We encourage you to register your troop early for the coming year (download the Spring Registration Packet for all the details). This helps take some of the chaos out of the fall when many other things are happening. It also entitles you and your girls to special treats, including:

????         A tote bag with brand new Girl Scout logo is available to the first 75 leaders who register 75% of their troop.

????         Day o' camp is at the end of resident camp this year, so many of the resident camp staff will be at the program.

????         Discounted water park tickets


If you're going to register for the 2010-2011 membership year, you may as well get all the perks by registering early!  


Below are the new tote bags - they'll be available in July once we can put on the brand new logo.


We'd like to clarify a couple of things about summer resident camp.  The date for the camp open houses is incorrect in the brochure - the open houses are Sunday, May 2 from 2 - 4 p.m.  You still have time to register to attend for the early bird price, $3.  What a steal!


Please use the Camp Scholarship Form, not the generic Financial Aid form, to request a scholarship to attend summer resident camp.


The summer resident camp registration is open, so send your registrations in!  We'll update you on GSSA Weekly as sessions fill up. 


There was also some confusion about June 1.  On June 1, we'll begin taking registrations for 2010-2011 camporees (completely separate from resident camp).  If you want to start planning your camporee, the Camporee Book is a great resource!


Now, back to the open houses... Hope to see you there!


Kamp Kiwanis and Camp Scoutshire Woods Open House

May 2, 2010 (Sun) 2 - 4 p.m.

Are your girls excited about attending summer camp? Maybe they are feeling a little anxious? Then this is your day to visit Kamp Kiwanis or Camp Scoutshire Woods and find out all the details of resident camp. Help ease their nerves (and their parents' nerves) by letting them get a taste for what goes on while they are at summer camp. This is their chance to visit camp and get registered before sessions start filling up. Guests can stop for a snack in the dining hall, visit the craft hut, check out the cabins! All girls who are going to be in first grade or above are welcome to bring their parents and explore camp for the day. 

Early Bird Cost: $3 per person

Cost: $4 per person

Early Bird Registration/Cancellation Deadline: April 9, 2010

Registration/Cancellation Deadline: April 23, 2010

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