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Tr   Keep Mobile Beautiful provides Recycling Field Trips for Girl Scouts at the Mobile Recycling Center on Government Blvd. Girls can tie this field trip into the It's Your Planet, Love It! Journey  series and badge work. Interested leaders should contact Phyllis Wingard : (208-6028).


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It's time for the annual Cans for Cash??????? City Recycling Challenge!

This national recycling competition runs from October 1 - October 31. All you have to do is save and recycle your aluminum cans to help your city win! A total of $70,000 in prize money can be won in categories ranging from Most Cans Collected to Most Innovative Ideas, as well as the American Video Recycler Award.

Get your girls together and grab up some cans!  This is the perfect opportunity to teach your Girl Scout troop about the benefits of recycling and how it conserves our natural resources. You could get the Recycling Rocks fun patch, too! Help girls collect used cans from family and friends to donate to your city while educating them on global sustainability efforts.

The cities in our council participating are: Montgomery, Mobile and Daphne. 

For fun recycling facts and games to share with your Girl Scout troop, visit

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troop9318.bmpTroop 9318 was recently recognized by TerraCycle for their recycling efforts. The troop has been collecting Kashi packages since April 2009 as a part of the Kashi Package Brigade. The troop, who also participates in the Candy Wrapper Brigade, the Cookie Wrapper Brigade, the Toasted Chips Brigade and the Drink Pouch Brigade, tries to recycle at every chance they can. The troop recently just created benches for one of the Girl Scout camps made completely of recycled wood. Troop leader, Tracey Brown, said "What better way to live by the Girl Scout Law than by recycling and reusing!" The troop leaders also motivated the girls by letting them choose a gift of upcycled TerraCycle produced once they contributed 100 pieces of packaging to the brigade. Aside from having a lot of material to collect, they can also appreciate what their efforts are helping to create. Way to go, Troop 9318!

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