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liz_brent.jpgTechnology is the world our girls will inhabit.   I'm so old we thought getting a color television was a treat.   I learned keyboard on a typewriter, I'm not sure most of our girls know what a typewriter is. I got a transistor radio for my birthday one year.  But enough on my age, it is fascinating to see how girls today handle technology.  Although, I sometimes wonder what everyone is talking about on their cell phones.  

I was looking at introducing some technology for the cookie sale.  I don't know about you, but at the cookie sale there seems to be a lot of CASH and CHECKS. My husband is a banker and never carries cash.   As time goes on, that seriously impacts one of our great programs, people not having cash.  Another council, in Ohio has already done a trial run using TECHNOLOGY for their cookie sale.   You can get a small device that attaches to your smart phone to run credit cards through.  

We would like to pilot this with our troops for the fall product sale.   Since this is a more modest sale and it would be a good trial run.   If you and your troop would be interested in this trial, which means you and your co-leader have a smart phone, please let me know.  We'll see how it works before the cookie chaos begins.

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