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September is always an exciting time here at the office.  It's fun to see girls and volunteers ready to start a new year of Girl Scouting.  We love catching up on what everyone has been doing over the summer and hearing about all the fun activities they have planned for the year.  It's also the time of year when we are busily recruiting new girls and volunteers.

Our membership staff spends these first few months of every school year visiting hundreds of schools across our 30-county jurisdiction to spread the word about the many benefits of the Girl Scout program. I've heard them say that recruiting the girls is one of the easiest parts of their job because once they hear about the many fun activities in which they can participate, the girls eagerly say "sign me up!"  However, convincing the right person to volunteer as leader to a new group of girls is one of the most challenging things we do. Because of this, we almost always have a list of girls on the waiting list to become a Girl Scout.  Some of these girls are lucky and find a troop within a few weeks, while other girls will remain on the waiting list for many months or may never find the right spot.

 As you know, being a Girl Scout volunteer is a special job.  It requires a lot of hard work and dedication (not to mention patience and organization), but the rewards are priceless.  There's nothing like having a little Daisy tell you that she just had the best day ever, or an Ambassador say that you have helped her become a strong, courageous young woman.  These are the things that keep you volunteering and really do make the world a better place for the girls you serve.

As you go about your travels this fall, please share the message of Girl Scouting with others.  Let them know that the experiences your girls have had and the lessons they have learned will serve them for a lifetime.  Spread the message that being a Girl Scout volunteer has changed your life, and encourage others to volunteer and do the same.

-- Karlyn Edmonds
   Chief Operating Officer


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