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The 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts has been named the YEAR OF THE GIRL! What a great thing, so much more fun than Year of the Dragon, which is the Chinese zodiac this year. As I sit here and type this, the movers are filling the cookie pantry with cookies. One of our goals for the YEAR OF THE GIRL is to ensure we have sufficient funds to provide programs, events and adequate properties to serve our girls going forward.

The cookie program accomplishes this: more than 75 percent of GSSA's income is from the cookie program, but that is too high.  We need to ensure that girls will have what they need for the future. So, as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting, we will also embark on increasing our fund develoment efforts. We rely on the community to understand the value of what we do with the girls, understand that we build leaders for our future, and understand that we teach responsible citizenship.

We know the community will support girls, but part of our problem is that we haven't asked.  We ask the community to purchase cookies and they do, but is that enough of an investment in their future? As we move forward, if you know of any companies, corporations or individuals who would become partners with us to make every year the YEAR OF THE GIRL, please e-mail or let us know via Thanks for all you do to be a partner for GIRLS!

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