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liz_brent.jpgThis weekend our annual meeting will be in the Wiregrass.   We have been moving the annual meeting around the council, so every area has an opportunity to host it.   It is hard to find the right time for the annual meeting.   We have been trying to do it the first weekend of April.   Unfortunately, we have two large council events on top of the annual meeting, something we will work not to repeat next year.   Since many of you can't make the annual meeting, here are a few nuggets I will be sharing:  

The cookie sale was FANTASTIC!   Thanks for your patience in working with the girls to have such a successful program.   The girls sold 9.45% more this year than last year.   And last year we were up 9%; that is AMAZING in this economy.  

We completed the 2009-2010 fiscal year, which ended September 30, 2010, with 15% of income over expense.   This is the third year we have closed out the year in a positive financial position.   We still need to plant 117 acres of trees at Camp Humming Hills, which will consume some of the extra cash.   In the meantime, I have been working to improve all our camp properties as we have had the funds available.   Hopefully you will notice some of those changes.  

I'm working on a draft facilities master plan for comment.   We will take those comments, integrate them into the facilities master plan, then work to start a capital campaign to fund some of the improvements at all our properties.   I visited all of the council properties with a property consultant from GSUSA a few weeks ago.   He was positively impressed with our properties and indicated he didn't feel that we had too many.   Hopefully this business news, coupled with some quality council programs are creating a great leadership development experience for the girls you work with.   Thanks for all you do!

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