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Summer resident camp is over, so now we turn our attention to fall and the beginning to school.   It seems like summer just started, and here we are thinking about fall.   During this time, we have been discussing different ideas on how we can better serve the families that participate in our programming by providing events and activities people are interested in.

We would appreciate your feedback on some of the following ideas.   Would adult volunteers be interested in a weekend at camp away from the kids to discuss different program and troop ideas and gain certifications?   We do that for camper training, but would you be interested in having the training department offer other opportunities?   We know the issue for many parents is how hard is it to get a weekend away from your children, so is that feasible and realistic?

Another idea is that we would present council-sponsored camporees at a couple of the properties.   Some service units do a fantastic job with camporees, and we want to support that, but not all service units do camporees.   Would council-sponsored camporees be desirable?

We are asking that volunteers assist in recruitment, since you know the principals and folks who might make good leaders.   When council staff recruits, they are not as familiar about who wouldn't make a good leader and who the key players are within the schools.   What types of incentives for adults can we provide that you would find valuable?

Do you have a great program idea that you would like to share for the entire council?   We have volunteers who do some fantastic programs and are willing to share those across the council.   We are always interested in supporting those programs because we want to provide as many opportunities as we can

We are moving to E-Council, which is a computer system that will allow for online member registration, as well as program registration.   We are in the initial stages of converting our data to this program, so I don't want to get too far into what will happen until I have accurate information.   We hope, though, this will aid in providing a quicker, easier, and more efficient way to register for everything, from membership to programs to camp.   I'll share more on this as we learn about the capabilities of this program first-hand.

We welcome your feedback and read all your comments.   Please share your thoughts on these topics at   Thank you -- your great ideas are what makes this council strong.

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