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We've been working hard to make using your Girl Scout's Program Credits more convenient.  We are creating "Program Credits cards" for all Girl Scouts who have a current balance of Program Credits.  We will be mailing these cards to the individual girls.


Each girl's card will be loaded with her remaining Program Credits, to be used just like a gift card or a Starbucks card.  The Program Credit card can be used to pay for anything she would have used her program credits on it. Of course, this card can only be used for Girl Scout activities and purchases.


Because we will be switching out how we keep track of credits, there will be a short period when Program Credits aren't available for use. This will begin Friday, November 22, at 4 p.m.  We will mail out the new cards on Wednesday, November 27.  When you receive your Girl Scout's Program Credits card, you are welcome to start using it!  We will send a receipt with each card so you know how many Program Credits your Girl Scout has available.


Using the Program Credits Card for Registering for Events

Until we start using e-council, we will have space on the registration form so that each girl's Program Credits can be used as payment.  The number will need to be entered on the form. 


Using the Program Credits Card for Purchases

In the store, just bring in the card or the card number for each girl.  If you are using our online shop, you will be able to enter the card number and the girl's name in the ordering instructions. 


Similar to gift cards, the Program Credits Cards are like cash and should be carefully secured.  We will be keeping you up to date as we continue implementing this process.  Thank you for your patience as we work to become more efficient!


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