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An idea that has been put forward is to allow councils to charge a membership fee, in addition to the current $12 fee that goes to GSUSA for national membership. The additional membership fees charged by councils would be used by the councils to directly support their council, i.e. to support and develop properties, girl pathway programs, etc.

Should councils be allowed to set an additional fee to support girls in their local areas? Should it be waived for financial need, as is the national membership fee? What do you think? As always, we appreciate your input!

Currently, delegates to the National Council are elected just in time to review proposals, get feedback from their local council members, and then attend the national council session.

The proposal is that the National Council amend Article IV (The National Council), Section 5 (formula for delegates) of the Constitution of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America to facilitate delegates being elected by local councils two years preceding the National Council, and serving for a term of three years. This proposal supports the idea that if national council delegates are elected earlier they can be better prepared for their roles, and be involved in helping shape the agenda for the National Council Session.

What do you think? Please leave a comment or send an email to Thank you for your input!

Here's an idea that is being discussed as a possible agenda item for the national conference: rolling memberships.

Rolling memberships would allow memberships to extend for a year from the date of registration. The October 1st membership year concept would no longer exist. This proposal supports the idea that members would always get a full calendar year membership for the fee.

What do you think? Is this a good idea?  Why, or why not?  Thanks for your input!

Many councils believe that the Gold Award has the prestige and deserves the same level of recognition as that of a BSA Eagle Scout. They believe that those who earn the Gold Award need to be consistently called by a single name that is instantly recognizable as one of the highest achievement.  They are proposing that the name Gold Girl Scout be used, and that we no longer use "Gold Award recipient" to describe our Gold Girl Scouts, because they do not receive the award, they earn it.

Let us know your thoughts! Leave a comment or email us at

Weigh in on ideas that are being discussed in the Girl Scout Community! There are many new ideas circulating.  We don't know which ones may be developed into proposals for the national convention, but we want to open the conversation here in our council so we can be sure everybody's opinion is heard. Over the next few posts, we will write about ideas being passed around and ask for your input.  We look forward to hearing from you!  You can either leave a comment on the blog entry, or e-mail us at

Thanks for participating!


About "Watch What You Watch"

Girl Scouts of the USA, along with the National Association of Broadcasters, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, and The Creative Coalition, believe every child deserves to live in an environment that fosters confidence and character. We recognize that as children's media use continues to increase, all youth would benefit from experiencing healthy and positive messages about girls and women.

"Watch What You Watch" hopes to build awareness about the need to pay attention not to just what kids watch, but how they watch it. Now more than ever, tools such as media literacy, public education and career exploration can be invaluable to young people. "Watch What You Watch" offers a clearinghouse of resources and tools that girls, parents, communities, and the media industry can use to help young people encounter and use media content that inspires, empowers, and engages.

Girl Scouts Promoting Healthy Media Images

Girl Scouts is the premier leadership organization for girls and a leading authority on their healthy growth and development. As the leading voice for girls, we are committed to addressing the issues important to girls, such as self-esteem and body image. Positive media messages could foster higher self-esteem and a positive body image for girls, while highlighting healthy relationships and strong role models. To improve girls' lives, Girl Scouts is raising awareness about the importance of promoting positive messages about girls and women.

"Watch What You Watch" also connects you to research, programs, and policies Girl Scouts is developing to elevate the importance of healthy media images. Our innovative research sheds light on the impact media can have on girls' body images, relationships, and overall health. The soon to be released program, It's Your Story- Tell It!, will create opportunities for girls to improve their self confidence and media literacy skills. The Girl Scout Advocacy Network offers a forum to take action on this topic.

Some of the most memorable moments in a Girl Scout's life happen while attending special events and taking trips. However, there are requirements and forms to complete before you can be on your way. 


All trips require adherence to Safety-Wise and GSSA Policies and Procedures found in Volunteer Essentials, especially with regards to permission slips.  Permission slips and health history forms must be completed and available to responsible parties for the duration of the trip. All the necessary forms can be found on the Forms and Resources page at


Troops planning any overnight trip must receive permission from Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama. The Overnight Trip/Camping Application is also available on our Forms and Resources page at  This form must be completed and forwarded to Cheryl Miller at two to four weeks (depending on the length of trip) prior for approval.  Cheryl is also available to answer any questions you may have regarding troop trips.


Trips lasting three or more nights, (not including a federal holiday) require the troop to purchase additional GSUSA insurance from the council.


More information about planning and taking trips with your girls is available in Volunteer Essentials.


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