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The holiday season is upon us and that means parades!  We have received several inquiries lately about Girl Scout participation in Christmas parades. Girl Scouts are allowed (and encouraged!) to participate in parades. Do keep in mind the appropriateness of the organization sponsoring the parade and the readiness of your girls. If you wish to participate in a parade, please notify Mary Anne Brutkiewicz (extension 1202) and include the date, time, place, purpose, and grade level participating. As always, be sure and follow the rules of Safety Wise:


????         Make sure that floats drawn by trucks and automobiles are covered by automobile insurance in the name of the vehicle owners.

????         Float construction is safe and secured to the body of the float and vehicle.

????         Riders have a secure handhold or safety harness if standing or secure seating.

????         Floats are not overcrowded.

????         Participants do not walk close to moving floats.

????         An adult accompanies girls on any moving float.

????         Girls are not allowed to distribute anything to onlookers from the float: no throws.

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