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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and Girl Scouts of the USA is continuing to take the lead in highlighting the importance of online safety for girls with their innovative online safety campaign called LMK (Let Me Know).


While the full scope of online threats, such as cyberbullying, are difficult to measure, we do know that nearly one in six U.S. children grades six to 10 (that's 3.2 million students) are victims of online bullying each year, according to the National Council of Juvenile Court Judges.


"Being online is a part of every teenage girl's life," says Shannon, age 17, a member of the LMK editorial team. "Now we have a chance to teach our parents about the real issues we face every day."


LMK includes an interactive Web site for parents and girls, as well as an e-newsletter for parents. The e-newsletter and parent site are designed to provide parents with guidance and also serve as a tool to help families have open and honest conversations about the dangers that lurk in cyberspace.


Haven't been to LMK yet?  You should check it out!  There's all kinds of useful info at:

lmk.gifHow many of us have had our identity stolen?  I know I have, and it's no joke!  None of us want strangers listening in on our phone calls or reading our emails. From privacy settings to passwords, LMK (the newest interactive Web site from Girl Scouts and Windows) shows you how to keep your private info private.  There is a quiz (which surprisingly I didn't do too bad on), polls and girls talking about privacy.  This is great for girls and adults... so check it out, and get your keys to the cyberworld!


Thumbnail image for leaderboard_AdultNewsletter.gifLMK ("let me know") is an online safety campaign created in partnership with Girl Scouts of the USA and Microsoft. The campaign includes an interactive Web site for girls, as well as an e-newsletter and Web site for adults.


Have you signed up for LMK's e-newsletter yet?  April's newsletter dealt with online photos, and covered some interesting topics:

????         Learn about the popular sites where teens post their pics.

????         Cyber-expert Parry Aftab lays out the facts about what your girls are putting online.

????         How to be a Part of Your Teen's Online Photos

????         4 steps to make sure your teen's online photo activities are safe and fun.


Parents, sign up for the free monthly Online Safety newsletter (written by girls) highlighting popular safety issues at

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