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Does anyone else remember Mr. Green Jeans? You know, on Captain Kangaroo...hello, anyone? Well, his time has finally come! Dalton Stack's Eagle Scout project is collecting denim and using it for insulation in Dothan Habitat for Humanity homes. It's a green project that recycles jeans -- we can all be Mr. Green Jeans!

The jeans/denim will be recycled into insulation for a Wiregrass Habitat of Humanity family home. The insulation is also environmentally safe since it is made from cotton, and the denim will not fill our landfills. The collection goal is 10,000 pairs of jeans or equivalent denim.

A processing plant will receive the denim and break it down to its high quality of natural fibers; removing all metal: zippers, snaps and buttons. The recycled denim insulation doesn't itch and it's safe to handle without the need for protective clothing.

Collection Dates: February 28th, 2009 - April 4th, 2009

Collection sites are throughout Dothan and Ozark. A listing can be found at  What a great Eagle Scout Project! Good Luck Dalton!

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