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You know those mysterious single socks that show up in the dryer?  Here's a craft that is a triple win -- your troop moms get rid of single socks, your girls get an easy and fun craft, and shelter kitties (or pet cats) get a toy they will actually play with.

All it takes are socks, polyester fiberfill and catnip.  You can read the step by step instructions here!

There are many veterans who are hospitalized, and they are of all ages. Some do not have families, and getting a card from a Girl Scout Troop would mean so much! Cards for any holiday are welcome. The link below provides guidelines and dates.

This is an inexpensive yet very meaningful craft that any age level can do and provides comfort, support and appreciation for the men and women who have served our country. Here's the link:


purse_sm.jpgAre you looking for colorful crafts that won't leave glitter on your floor or glue in your hair?  Would you like instructions for practical gifts that your Girl Scouts can make within the time frame of a meeting?   

If so, you are ready for the secret ingredient:Duct Tape!

final_frame.jpgThat's right!  It's colorful, sticky and there are lots of practical crafts that ingenious people have designed.  From wallets to bookmarks, purses to picture frames, there are easy and interesting crafts to be made from Duct Tape.

The helpful people at have put together a gallery and instructions for many different crafts.  Check it out!

The American Red Cross and Pitney Bowes are teaming up to collect holiday greetings from the public for members of the military and their families in the United States and around the world. QuantcastThe goal is to receive and distribute one million cards through Dec. 10. The Red Cross and Pitney Bowes will handle the screening, sorting and delivery -- all you have to do is send a card with a holiday message.  Visit for details on how to send a card.  On the site, there also is an option to create your own card. Once you've read the guidelines, mail your card to Holiday Mail for Heroes, P. O. Box 5456, Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456, by Dec. 10.  Cards postmarked after Dec. 10 will be returned to sender.

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