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I heard a story this morning about someone who was no longer serving as the cookie chair and she was laughing about how she had done little to break in the new chair for that service unit.   She noted that person would be surprised at the amount of paperwork that arrives.   The point was she was glad to no longer serve in that role and wished her successor good luck.

We want to thank those of you who are brave and have the courage to step up and take on more leadership.   Serving as a troop leader can sometimes seem daunting.   But working to coordinate many troop leaders can sometimes be a challenge.   We appreciate all of you who are willing to take on that role and fulfill that need.   Without you we would not thrive and survive.   You are at the heart of how this organization works.

We all share in the chaos and challenges of the cookie program.   It is interesting, it is one of those activities where I hear story after story about girls who blossom doing something they didn't believe they could.   Many girls find their voice through the cookie program.   Others gain confidence to recognize they are entrepreneurs and can accomplish more than they imagined.   Some just learn a lot more about arithmetic and find that maybe making change is easier and more relevant than learning addition and multiplication.   It is hands-on, experiential learning that happens in a short span of time.   Ordering cookies and organizing how to get rid of them requires some leaps of faith.   How much to order, how to keep track of it, how to separate who sold what at booth sales.   All of it requires some time, thought, and attention.   But we are fortunate that some of you are willing to take on a larger role, to lead the leaders.   We are very grateful to you for all you do.   To make the cookie program a success, to assist your colleagues in what can feel overwhelming, and to change the world through girls.

caramel-sash.jpgHere's a roundup of all the fun contests going on during the 2014 Cookie Sale Program:

Contest for Customers    

Buy 5: Customers who buy five boxes of cookies can fill out an entry form for a random drawing to win SIX CASES of COOKIES .  The troop who sold to the lucky winner also wins a $50 GSSA shop gift card!

Contests for Troops 
NEW!  Collect the Most Buy 5 Slips: The troop that turns in the most "Buy 5" entry forms (based on per girl average, so it's fair to all troops, large or small) will receive a $50 GSSA shop gift card!


Walkabout Weekend: There is still time (until March 2) to encourage your friends and family to "like" your photo in our Facebook Walkabout Weekend photo album.  The photo with the most "likes" will win 100 Program Credits for the troop.


Contests for Girls
Top Cookie Sellers: Top Seller wins choice of iPad or 400 Program Credits. The 2nd and 3rd top seller and top-selling family (more than 2,200 packages) wins choice of Kindle Fire or 200 Program Credits.
NEW! Top Regional Sellers: We have divided up the council into five regions with roughly the same number of girls.  The top seller from each region will win a choice of a Kindle Fire or 200 Program Credits (winners of the above contest are excluded from this one).
100+ Boxes: For every 100 boxes of cookies sold, your name will be entered into a drawing for a Kindle Fire!  There is no limit on number of times you can enter (e.g., sell 600 boxes, and you get 6 entries; sell 1,000 boxes, you get 10 entries).
Of course, in addition to these contests, there are all the fun recognitions that girls can earn! (Applicable to troops that choose recognitions.)
Contest for Councils     
COCO: That's right -- Councils compete amongst themselves, too!  The council with the highest average of girls who sell even ONE box of cookies using the COCO smart phone app will win a cash prize.  Our CEO has designated this prize (if we win) to purchasing jon boats for our camps.  So if the council wins, the girls win!   

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