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Each year GSUSA assesses (grades) our council on a long set of performance standards.    So we all work hard to provide our girls the best possible Girl Scout experience.   Some of these standards are easier to meet than others.  One of them focuses on membership.  Another focuses on  maintaining a strong financial position.   

We have been growing membership, but slowly.   We would like to continue to grow membership and harness the strength and energy of the 3,500 volunteers who are committed to making the world a better place through Girl Scouts.   We are also working on continuing to increase funds to service units.   Previously, in some of the legacy councils, service units did receive some of the cookie funds.   

We are interested in your input on giving a service unit a $.10 (10 cents) per case bonus if the service unit increases girl membership from the 2011-2012 end of the year membership numbers.   This needs to be accomplished by December 15, 2012 for the service unit to be eligible.   The second incentive for service units is a $.10 (10 cents) per case bonus if the service unit increases the cookie program sales.   At the most recent CEO meeting I was listening to others talk about cookies, since we all rely on this as a critical source of our income.   Some councils are moving to $5 per box this next year.   We are not: we will remain at $3.50 per box.    

We are attaching the proposal for your comments.  Please send your comments directly to -- we want to be sure that we gather as much input as possible!


After one hundred years, Girl Scouts is going strong, and why is that?   Because of you!   You're the best!   We can't say that to you often enough.   We are all glad the cookie program is over and excited about another year of a 10% increase in sales.   You have managed to do that the past three years!   How amazing are the girls of Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama?   Well, pretty amazing!

The spoils of the cookie program go to the girls.  Here's how... We signed the contract today for a new restroom at the horse stables at Camp Scoutshire Woods, which I refer to it as the pretty potty.   No more port-a-potty if you go to horse camp.   The dock on the island at Scoutshire is almost done.   There are six stand-up paddleboards en route to our camps, three for Scoutshire Woods and three for Kamp Kiwanis.   The girls that tried them last year loved these boards, so we're giving girls more opportunity to try them.   The new sail loft is under construction at Kamp Kiwanis, and we are going to test some low zip lines for Kamp Kiwanis and Scoutshire Woods.   We also have purchased a slack line for each camp.   We have replanted Humming Hills and have been working on the buildings to ensure they will be around for a long time to come.  Time for the girls to have some fun with the extra monies they earned!

We are happy to continue to have some great girl events, because that is why we all do this work.   We have more 600 girls signed up for the Girls Rock Mobile event this weekend.   Our fund development staff has been out getting all sorts of things to make the event a huge success.   One of the events we think will be stunning this year is the 100th anniversary Centennial Bridging Ceremony at the Blount Cultural Park in Montgomery, which features a beautiful huge wooden bridge the City of Montgomery will close for us on that day for that event.  Bridging has been an important part of Girl  Scouting since its earliest days, so if you want to participate in a once-in-a lifetime bridging event, sign up for that one.   If we're lucky, one of our Juliette Gordon Low descendents will be there!   

We know that many of you will be using your cookie earnings for great trips.   Rock the Mall keeps getting bigger and better.   There's a large Girl Scout event at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we have we have a number of troops attending the Mississippi council event.    Thanks for all you do to make the world a better place!

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