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As we do every year, we are trying to make the cookie sale as easy as possible for our busy leaders and parents. This year, as many of you know, we are trying something new -- we are skipping the pre-order phase (with all the signing up customers, sorting out and delivering of cookies this entails) and going straight to direct sales.

This may seem a little scary, because troops need to order cookies without having signed up buyers -- but other councils have found that troops sell MORE cookies this way.  They have the cookies right there in front of their customers at work, at church, at family gatherings and at booth sales and people buy more and more often when those delicious, irresistible boxes of cookies are right there in front of them!

The initial troop order (suggested to be 12 cases per girl) is due before or on Friday, December 9 in the SNAP system.  But since Troop Cookie Chairs don't have to wait for orders to come in from their girls, they can do it anytime!  So Cookie Chairs, head on over to to log in and place your troop initial order.

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