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caramel-sash.jpgHere's a roundup of all the fun contests going on during the 2014 Cookie Sale Program:

Contest for Customers    

Buy 5: Customers who buy five boxes of cookies can fill out an entry form for a random drawing to win SIX CASES of COOKIES .  The troop who sold to the lucky winner also wins a $50 GSSA shop gift card!

Contests for Troops 
NEW!  Collect the Most Buy 5 Slips: The troop that turns in the most "Buy 5" entry forms (based on per girl average, so it's fair to all troops, large or small) will receive a $50 GSSA shop gift card!


Walkabout Weekend: There is still time (until March 2) to encourage your friends and family to "like" your photo in our Facebook Walkabout Weekend photo album.  The photo with the most "likes" will win 100 Program Credits for the troop.


Contests for Girls
Top Cookie Sellers: Top Seller wins choice of iPad or 400 Program Credits. The 2nd and 3rd top seller and top-selling family (more than 2,200 packages) wins choice of Kindle Fire or 200 Program Credits.
NEW! Top Regional Sellers: We have divided up the council into five regions with roughly the same number of girls.  The top seller from each region will win a choice of a Kindle Fire or 200 Program Credits (winners of the above contest are excluded from this one).
100+ Boxes: For every 100 boxes of cookies sold, your name will be entered into a drawing for a Kindle Fire!  There is no limit on number of times you can enter (e.g., sell 600 boxes, and you get 6 entries; sell 1,000 boxes, you get 10 entries).
Of course, in addition to these contests, there are all the fun recognitions that girls can earn! (Applicable to troops that choose recognitions.)
Contest for Councils     
COCO: That's right -- Councils compete amongst themselves, too!  The council with the highest average of girls who sell even ONE box of cookies using the COCO smart phone app will win a cash prize.  Our CEO has designated this prize (if we win) to purchasing jon boats for our camps.  So if the council wins, the girls win!   

Going Somewhere?

The number one question we receive after the cookie sale is: What paperwork do you need me to send in, if our troop is going (fill in the blank)?"

Here's a comprehensive rundown -- all in one place!


Trips, Outings, & Overnights

require a little advance planning by your Troop Trip Coordinator.

Some quick reminders:


Girls are not permitted to leave the meeting place

unless you notify your SUM or Field Exec of the troop's travel plans.


-Adults are not permitted to drive

unless they have been Approved, are over the age of 21, and have a valid driver's license and auto insurance card on file with the troop. 

Keep a copy of each driver's license and insurance card in your Troop Trip Folder.

Copies of these documents must be attached to every Overnight Trip/Camping Application as well. 


Adults are not permitted to chaperone,
stay overnight, drive, or handle troop funds, unless they are approved volunteers and current registered members.


-Activity insurance will not cover members

unless your trip is approved, every participant is registered as a member, each adult is an approved volunteer, and safety-guidelines and policies are followed, including having signed permission forms.  

Pull off a copy of the most current 2012 Safety-Activity Checkpoint  for each activity, from the council website.

"Tagalongs" cannot be insured unless they have planned activities, designated supervision, and insurance has been purchased for them.


-Overnights are not permitted

without the approval of an Overnight Trip/Camping Application.

This includes ALL overnights, whether at a state park, at one of our Council camps, the local church basement,

a hotel, or your backyard.  Applications are to be submitted 2-4 weeks in advance, to


A Troop/Trip Folder can save you

tons of time and will keep you ready for every meeting, activity, and travel opportunity throughout the year. 

The leadership team-member who is with the girls, must be in charge of this folder.


The Troop/Trip Folder should include:

-health forms, for girls and adults sealed in envelope for privacy.*

-troop roster with emergency contact numbers*

-trip itinerary*

-maps, destination addresses & phone numbers

-permission slips 

-copies of reservations, pre-payments, business contacts, etc.

-copies of every adult's driver's license and auto insurance

-copy of certifications - FA/CPR, lifeguard, canoe, archery, camping, etc.

Each driver, and your at-home contact, should have an envelope containing copies of the first three items. *

Do not finalize any plans until your overnight trip has been approved by Council, 4 weeks prior to launch.


And, did you know......?

-Caravanning (following a lead driver) is not permitted.

-Emailed permission is valid; it should contains the details of the outing, the name of the girl, emergency contact numbers, and the name of the parent giving permission.

-Before you rent a vehicle (to charter a bus, rent a car, etc.) you must complete the Vehicle Rental Application and have it reviewed by a council staff member.

-Camp reservations will be cancelled, unless your Overnight Trip/Camping Application is received 2 weeks in advance.


For questions about trip applications, insurance, rental applications, safety-guidelines, volunteer approval, etc., contact



Important Cookie Reminders

Please remember to:

  • Read SNAP messages - they keep you up-to-date on new developments
  • Don't leave cookie money in your car, or unattended at a booth sale or work
  • Only sell ABC cookies - we aren't allowed to sell Little Brownie Bakers cookies in our council
Combating "Cookie Fatigue"
Sometimes we feel it, too! We know the "5 Skills" that girls learn from selling cookies. There are two more skills that we, as Leaders, demonstrate, and that girls learn by watching us:
Perseverance (following through) and Diplomacy (grace under difficult circumstances); when you are ready to run screaming from a busy booth sale and go home, remember: girls are watching and learning from all we do.

Bored at a Booth Sale?
It can be hard to stay focused at a booth sale when we can't run around to burn off excess energy. Here are a few suggestions: guess what your next customer will buy; ask people their favorite cookie; be an "advocate" for the cookies you need to sell; think up and try different sale pitches ("$7 for two!").
Cookies for Everyone at School
Girl Scout Troop 8241 at St. Ignatius Catholic School has a great marketing idea for selling cookies!

They asked their school lunch manager if she would like to purchase enough Girl Scout Cookies for the entire school to have a Thanks-A-Lot cookie for lunch on National Cookie Day. She was happy to support her Girl Scouts, and Troop 8241 sold a lot of cases that day.
Girl Scout Week is coming up (March 10-16) -- perhaps your school would like to participate? There's only one way to find out -- ask!

Cookies for Everyone Else
Girl Scout Cookies make delicious and inexpensive client gifts for service providers, such as accountants, lawyers, aestheticians, and insurance agents. When cookie booth fatigue sets in, selling by the case to a service provider is a very attractive alternative!
Is your troop doing something extra-special during the cookie season?  A decorated or themed cookie booth, the Walkabout Weekend, or even wearing the cookie costumes while visiting businesses? We want to know, so we can capture all the fun!   
Please let us know if your troop is planning something special, and we may be able to get media coverage for it.  We want to let the public know the five skills that Girl Scouts are learning when they sell cookies, and how Girl Scouts in southern Alabama are making the world a better place. Remember, the earlier, the better so we can accommodate media deadlines. Please email us at or call your local council office to let us know what is going on. 

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