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Looked up our number in your local phone book lately and ended up talking to the wrong council, or to no one at all?  This is happening across the council, as we discover that local phone books list old information from the five councils that previously made up Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama.  Please help us by checking our listing in your phone book and letting Cheryl Miller (extension 2302) know if the information listed is incorrect. 

Do you know what to do in an emergency situation? The Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital, in partnership with FEMA's Citizen Corps, presented the brand-new Emergency Preparedness Patch Program, designed to equip Girl Scouts with skills to protect their families, friends and communities when disaster strikes. The Emergency Preparedness Patch program prepares Girl Scouts to:

  • Identify local risks and potential emergencies
  • Connect with local community service agencies
  • Learn local alerts and warning systems
  • Prepare themselves and their family


Download the activity booklet and the appendices to find out how you can discover, connect, and take action to make your communities safer and more prepared for emergencies!

Alabama Emergency Management Agency invites southern Alabama Girl Scout Troops to visit a local or state emergency operating center.  Please contact the undersigned or your county emergency manager to schedule a visit.  Local director listings can be found on the Alabama EMA site;


The History of Girls Scouts and Preparedness

Encouraging girls to take preventive steps and actions toward being safe has always been a priority for the Girl Scout movement. "Be Prepared" is our organization's motto, and as far back as the 1917 edition of the Handbook for Girl Scouts, girls were asked to write articles to share information about the spread of insect-borne diseases, learn how to use a fire alarm and be knowledgeable on other topics of public health and safety.

Each of the six membership levels of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience takes girls on a journey--a voyage to someplace new, with adventures along the way. These adventures engage girls in exploring the three keys to leadership--discover, connect, and take action.


But it is not just what girls do, it is how they do it. Beneath the fun and excitement of the books, the work of our experts ensures that girls are growing and developing their leadership potential in ways that are meaningful to them. The activities in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience embody the girl led, learning by doing, and cooperative learning processes.


On their journeys, girls grow in their understanding of themselves, of each other, and of how they can work together to change the world for the better. Each journey culminates in awards that help the girls see just how far they've come.


Getting Started:  The Recipe for a Great Adventure
All you need is a sense of adventure to guide girls on a great journey. Check out these five simple steps to getting started:

  1. Boot up your computer and take a 10-minute walk through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience interactive resource at This bilingual interactive resource is designed for the busy volunteer. A guide talks you through each component of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and provides clear definitions, illustrating how each piece is part of a well-researched, powerful, and change-making experience for girls.
  2. Kick off your shoes and sit down to relax. Yes, this is where the real fun starts. Read the (age-appropriate for your troop) girl journey book as if you were a girl just for the pleasure of it.
  3. Break out your accompanying adult guide and flick straight to the sample sessions at a glance two-page spread for a "bird's eye" view of how to bring journeys to life.
  4. Now that you know what is possible, invite the girls (and their parents) to use their imaginations to make the journeys real in ways that excite them (girl led). You do not have to do everything as exactly as laid out in the books. The books are a great resource with lots of room for creativity. Remember, the books just provide the vanilla scoop: The girls and you add the sprinkles!
  5. Now step back and watch how the girls, with your knowledge, support, and guidance, have enormous fun and a rewarding experience.

Throughout the journey--and even before--volunteer and staff members are there to offer crucial support and advice with learning opportunities. Don't hesitate to contact us: Teri Eversole at 251.344.3330, ext: 1302, and Cheryl Miller at 334.272.9164, ext: 2302.

Cinco de Mayo is approaching, and we have a new patch program that would be the perfect activity for your troop - the Hispanic Heritage patch!  Hispanics are people from countries that have drawn their traditions and history from the country of Spain. There are many Hispanics in the United States today.  Select a Hispanic culture either from your own background or one that interests you, and complete an activity from Discover, Connect and Take Action.  Some of the activity choices include eating a Hispanic meal, interviewing a woman of Hispanic heritage and learning a traditional Hispanic story, folk tale or song.  This patch is appropriate for all Girl Scout grade levels. 

Download the Patch Book at

Contact Mary Anne Brutkiewicz at 251.344.3330, ext: 1202 if you have any questions about patch programs.

girlscoutpatch02.gifNEW! The Discover the World Essay Contest from Hostelling International USA
Hostelling International USA is getting ready to celebrate 100 years of the hostelling movement worldwide and 75 years here in the United States and we want to hear about girls' experiences! When girls share their story, they could win airfare on American Airlines and 3 nights at a participating hostel for themselves and three others, a Flip Video camera, or an HI-USA goodie bag! Visit to learn more.

Discover Hostelling
Hostelling offers a special kind of travel that opens doors to self-discovery, intercultural exchange, and new people and places. Hostels are safe, clean, inexpensive accommodations that provide a base for exploring and learning. Hostels are also welcoming places that encourage meaningful interactions. Equipped with dormitory-style rooms, common rooms, and kitchens, hostels provide Girl Scouts a place for making friends and discovering new ways of thinking.

Connect with the World
Girl Scout troops can take advantage of HI-USA's Getaway packages. The Discover the World patch, World Travel 101 and Cultural Kitchen empower girls to learn about and explore their world. Unique opportunities for Girl Scouts are available throughout the country from HI-USA hostels and local councils.

Take Action
Start your Girl Scouts on a hostelling adventure today! Visit and click on programs to learn more about opportunities for Girl Scouts from Hostelling International USA.

To learn more about partnering with hostels and local HI-USA councils, contact Arielle Semmel at or (312) 583-2226.

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