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Incentives do work!   It is the time of year where girls are receiving all their incentives from the cookie program.   We have tried to get them to the service units as early as possible, so girls have them before the end of the year.   There are bridging ceremonies, patches and badges earned, as we feel the race to the finish and the end of the school year.   Overall it's been a good year.   I've seen a lot of girls in action, speaking, participating in civic activities and having fun indoors and outdoors.

I am especially pleased today to announce that we will soon be sending funds directly to the following service units because of your hard work.   Your service unit increased its membership by 10 percent before the end of the calendar year or you increased your cookie sales by 10 percent. Remarkably, three service units achieved both. The top bonus this year totaled $1,088.44.

Congratulations to the following service units for their hard work during the 2012-2013 year!   I know these funds will be put to good use with the girls.

The service units are:

906 (membership and cookie bonus)

927 (membership and cookie bonus)

815 (membership and cookie bonus)

804 (cookie bonus)

810 (cookie bonus)

812 (cookie bonus)

814 (cookie bonus)

823 (cookie bonus)

Thanks for all you do to build girls of courage, character, and confidence that make the world a better place.

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