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Many of you are getting to ready to send your children off to camp. Camp is a wonderful and powerful place for your girls to grow.  Watch this video from the American Camping Association (ACA) with Bob Ditter on:

  • Strengthening the partnership between parents and camp professionals
  • Taking steps to make the adjustment to camp as smooth and successful as possible
  • Campers on medication at camp, and why it's important to share medication information
  • Children with ADHD at camp
  • Working with your physician and camp for the best outcome


Bob Ditter is a child, adolescent, and family therapist in Boston, Massachusetts.  He consults with youth agencies throughout the United States, including theACA, Girl Scouts of the USA, YMCA, Salvation Army, JCCA, and many others.  He has visited over 500 camps in the United States, writes for Camping Magazine, the official publication of ACA, and has authored many books and training videos for camp professionals.



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