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What about way too much to eat, relatives under foot, wrapping paper, kids with lots of time on their hands?  It is always interesting when we look forward to the holidays, but we are also happy when we can return to our routine.

In this time between various holiday activities, we want to take stock of 2012.   I believe it is good to be grateful for every day and each year.   GSSA has had an excellent 2012!   The cookie program was strong last year, with 500 more girls involved in the program.   The per girl cookie sale average increased, which translates additional funds to fix deferred maintenance, make new purchases, and build new things.   We addressed a number of leaking roofs, those of us in the Mobile Service Center are especially grateful for a new roof on both buildings, so it no longer leaks in.   We bought more stand-up paddle boards for both Kamp Kiwanis and Scoutshire Woods, so girls can hone their skills on those.   We built zip lines for the girls at Scoutshire Woods and Kamp Kiwanis, complete with helmets, harnesses, and trolleys for the girls to ride on.   There was a new dock at the island in the lake at Scoutshire Woods, and we built another new dock for the mariners at Kamp Kiwanis.   The horse ring at Scoutshire Woods has a new deluxe restroom, which is a prototype of more restrooms to come at this property.   It is constructed of concrete block, so in case there is a storm, girls would have a more substantial building to go to.   This is a partial list of the opportunities we were able to offer the girls because of a strong cookie program.

The girl programs for the 100th anniversary were outstanding.   In the early spring we were able to offer Girls Rock Mobile for 600 girls.   What a weekend that was, with an overnight at the Mobile Convention Center.   It included a boat ride so girls understand the port and issues confronting the port with litter.   There were exhibitors, and a great scavenger hunt through the city streets. 

GSSA also took two buses to Rock the Mall, the 100th anniversary rock concert on the Washington Monument mall, over 250,000 girls and adults attended that day.   Many other girls used their hard- earned cookie rewards to visit Savannah or take other trips they had been saving for.

The Heritage Committee put together an excellent exhibit highlighting the 100 years of Girl Scouts.   The History Museum of Mobile hosted a wonderful reception for the exhibit opening, so many got to celebrate 100 years of girls learning to become leaders.   This exhibit continues to tour the council and has been enjoyed by many.

We started having Girl Scout Alumnae events at different camps in the council and are working to reconnect with those who have gone before us, celebrating their involvement with girls creating leaders.   We continue to schedule those events throughout the council.

All of this happened while every week many of you meet with your girls, sing songs, build skills, and teach girls how to become leaders in their community through Discover, Connect, and Take Action.   We appreciate all you do to make the world a better place.   We are grateful for an excellent 2012 and have high hopes for an even better 2013!


Do you ever have that sensation that what you thought you were going to isn't exactly what you wound up going to?   Have you ever thought you knew what a movie was about and it wasn't?   Or gone to a restaurant only to have it wind up being nothing like what you expected?   Well, that would be ROCK THE MALL for me!  

I had heard ever since I came here about the sing-a-long on the Washington Mall.   I must have clicked into the words "sing-along,"   so, when GSUSA changed the CEO meeting to June so we could attend ROCK THE MALL, I was still sort of operating under the notion of "sing-a-long."   I have been to the Mall, which is huge, many times.   There are endless things to do on there, all of which are free.   It always involves lots and lots of walking.   No matter where you go and what you do, it involves lots of walking and some navigation.  

Since we had two busloads on the council-sponsored trip and countless other girls going with their troop leaders, I felt that going was critical.   I had reduced the amount of weight in my bag to drag along that day, knowing walking was involved.   The first clue I needed to be flexible was when the bus driver took a wrong turn, and we wound up in a very expensive neighborhood near our hotel.   Three very tight and unbelievable turns later; we got out on to the main street.   Then across town to another part of town where she was again, confused.   Soon it becomes clear that again the driver is lost.   One of the gold award recipients sitting behind me on the bus treks to the front and uses her cell phone to assist the driver in making the correct turns.   The driver wasn't gracious about it and wasn't grateful.   But this is while we had been watching her making tight turns, near misses with cars while using push to talk on her cell phone.   Scary.   We finally arrive at the breakfast, after the bus that left after us.   After breakfast, we reload on to a bus for the trek to the mall and are dropped off very close to the huge stage for ROCK THE MALL

I thought I would take a stroll; visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial since I was within half a mile of it.   I wandered through throngs of people.   Many Girl Scouts were astutely setting up camp in the shade or near the water of a fountain that wasn't being renovated, so they could play in the water and listen.   I fought my way back from the Vietnam Memorial through bunches of people, most walking or moving toward the large stage for ROCK THE MALL.   As I got within a quarter mile of the stage, I could now hear it.   Hum, not what I expected.   I had been given a program, so I sat down on a bench and thumbed through it.   Well, ROCK THE MALL is exactly that.   It is a ROCK CONCERT on the Mall with more than 95,000 Girl Scouts registered.   It is not a SING-A-LONG THE MALL, which is what was in my image of what I was going to attend.  

The closer I got, the louder it got and the more crowded it got.   It was hard as a single individual to move close to anything.   The tents for the exhibitors had huge long lines.   The line for the snack carts, so long it was unbelievable.    The area around the Washington Monument was a carpet of Girl Scouts, parents, troop leaders and siblings.   The scene was surreal there were so many people, but so was the noise level.   It took me about 30 minutes to transit the Washington Monument grounds, at no point seeing anyone I knew from Southern Alabama.   The sun was hot and there was no place to find any relief from it on the Washington Monument grounds, so I continued toward the Museum of American History, where I did finally see one person from Southern Alabama and found some much desired shade.

The point is that it wasn't at all what I had expected.   I had expected SING-A-LONG not ROCK concert.   That's not to say I didn't enjoy it.   But it wasn't what I thought.   I had some folks who had streamed it say they didn't like the message.   I'm not sure I got what the message was, but from where I sit, if the girls who attended enjoyed it and found it a valuable way to spend their cookie funds, then it was a success.

What I did see was thousands of girls having a great time.   They were eating, dancing, singing along and not noticing the 94-degree heat, with the sun beating down on them.   They were living it the moment and taking it all in.   Sometimes I think we see the wisdom in what children show us.   Relax, have a good time, live in the moment or you'll miss it.


After one hundred years, Girl Scouts is going strong, and why is that?   Because of you!   You're the best!   We can't say that to you often enough.   We are all glad the cookie program is over and excited about another year of a 10% increase in sales.   You have managed to do that the past three years!   How amazing are the girls of Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama?   Well, pretty amazing!

The spoils of the cookie program go to the girls.  Here's how... We signed the contract today for a new restroom at the horse stables at Camp Scoutshire Woods, which I refer to it as the pretty potty.   No more port-a-potty if you go to horse camp.   The dock on the island at Scoutshire is almost done.   There are six stand-up paddleboards en route to our camps, three for Scoutshire Woods and three for Kamp Kiwanis.   The girls that tried them last year loved these boards, so we're giving girls more opportunity to try them.   The new sail loft is under construction at Kamp Kiwanis, and we are going to test some low zip lines for Kamp Kiwanis and Scoutshire Woods.   We also have purchased a slack line for each camp.   We have replanted Humming Hills and have been working on the buildings to ensure they will be around for a long time to come.  Time for the girls to have some fun with the extra monies they earned!

We are happy to continue to have some great girl events, because that is why we all do this work.   We have more 600 girls signed up for the Girls Rock Mobile event this weekend.   Our fund development staff has been out getting all sorts of things to make the event a huge success.   One of the events we think will be stunning this year is the 100th anniversary Centennial Bridging Ceremony at the Blount Cultural Park in Montgomery, which features a beautiful huge wooden bridge the City of Montgomery will close for us on that day for that event.  Bridging has been an important part of Girl  Scouting since its earliest days, so if you want to participate in a once-in-a lifetime bridging event, sign up for that one.   If we're lucky, one of our Juliette Gordon Low descendents will be there!   

We know that many of you will be using your cookie earnings for great trips.   Rock the Mall keeps getting bigger and better.   There's a large Girl Scout event at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we have we have a number of troops attending the Mississippi council event.    Thanks for all you do to make the world a better place!


As I read the many articles in newspapers, e-mails that I receive from other councils, and publicity we receive, it is clear Girl Scouts are still going and going strong!   I've been entertained by the many events and activities girls are doing throughout the country for the 100th anniversary.   And I'm excited about our own events and activities. 

Just yesterday, I had the pleasure of enjoying the Mobile Museum exhibit of 100 Years of Girl Scouting.   What a tremendous display it was! Kudos to our heritage committee for their gift of talents and time to show our girls and the community Girl Scouts through those 100 years.   We will have parts of that display and more for an exhibit in Old Alabama Town in Montgomery, and we are working on finding secure locations for the exhibit in the Wiregrass and Auburn/Opelika area.

What transcends all these articles, events, news releases and programs is that Girl Scouts has taught girls to be leaders for 100 years.   When you look at who was a Girl Scout, it is clear that leadership with these girls is not new.   In fact, leadership comes through when you read the many stories about women and what they did with their Girl Scout experience.

Girls have been taught skill building throughout these 100 years.   At first, it might have been about how to build a fire.   In fact, it is still about how to build a fire, but some of the badges are about cooking and guess what; some of the badges that were popular to begin with are still popular now.   With the changes in girls, there are badges on robotics, computers and a variety of other things that didn't exist when Juliette Gordon Low was alive.

One of the hidden values in being a Girl Scout is having a relationship with another adult who isn't a parent and might not be a relative.   I have heard Girl Scout alumnae of all ages talk about how much their troop leader shaped their live.   I've heard of troops that continue to meet, and even 30 years later that is an annual meeting they make sure they attend.   It is important for you to recognize the impact a troop leader can have on the life of a girl.   And as an educator, I realize that often that isn't recognized until years later.

Recently on National Public Radio, they did a piece of the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts.   One of the values they discussed was the importance of girls getting along with other girls in a troop setting.   For anyone that has done a cookie booth, maybe things aren't always even in life, but learning to share, understand what others are good at, and how to cope with frustration is also a valuable life lesson.

We should celebrate!   Girl Scouts makes the world a better place, and now we are starting our second century!   Thanks for being a Girl Scout!

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Girl Scouts Rock Mobile! is approaching rapidly. One of the crafts we will make is repurposed tshirt shoulder bags. We need to have the bottoms of all the shirts sewn. All About Sewing on Schillinger's Road has graciously opened their shop and machines to help with this. They will allow individuals and troops to come up on Saturday, March 10  to sew the shirts. If you are able to help with this, please contact Beverly Crews( ) before Saturday.

Volunteers are needed to make "Girl Scouts Rock Mobile!" the best event ever! We still have plenty of work to do and could use your help! The next Anniversary Committee meeting will be Sunday, March 18 2:00p.m.  at the Mobile Volunteer Center. If you would like to be involved and have a lot of time (or a little) please contact Mary Anne Brutkiewicz at

We need recycled materials for our Girl Scouts Rock Mobile Celebration on March 24. Please help us by dropping off the following items at the Mobile office: old gently-used t-shirts,  and clean grocery or department store plastic bags, especially colors other than white. We'll be using these items for our eco-crafts at the celebration. If you have any questions, please contact Jeannie Napper at



Use your creativity to help Girl Scouts celebrate our 100th Anniversary  in a big way!  Work with your troop to create a 3D "100" , which will be on display when "Girl Scouts Rock Mobile" March 24-25, 2012.  

Art projects must be able to sit or stand on a table. Projects will be judged for creativity the day of the event. One troop per program level will receive a prize. Girl Scouts will vote on a "Best All Around" to receive an additional prize. Troop leaders will bring projects to the Convention Center on March 24. 

Troops not planning on attending may still enter the contest, but will need to bring the art project in the week prior to the event in order to go on display. 

 Who: Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors

Date: March 24-25, 2012

Time: winners announced at 8:00 p.m.

Location: Mobile Convention Center

Cost: none

Registration Deadline : March 1 (Fill out an  event registration form; be sure and include number and program levels of girls in your troop).

Send Registration to: Mobile Office

                                       3483 Springhill Avenue, Mobile 36608

Minimum participation : five troops per program level

Contact: Mary Anne Brutkiewicz, ext. 1202

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Do you lie awake at night, wondering how Minnie Mouse will be celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouting?  And just what does an oversize mouse wearing white gloves (with only four fingers) make for a SWAP?

Don't wonder any longer -- find out at Disneyworld's May "Bridging into the Next Century" event!  Disney will have a Girl Scouts SWAPs area, so gear up for some crafting fun this spring and bring your SWAPs to trade at Epcot with Girl Scouts from across the country. Visit to book Disney Resort rooms and order your event tickets.  

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Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama will celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting March 24-25 as "Girl Scouts Rock Mobile" at the Mobile Convention Center. This fun- filled and educational weekend will include visits to historical and cultural sites, including an "Eco Cruise" of Mobile Bay on the Harbor Lady, an "Eco-Fair," "green" crafts, a flash mob and much more! 

A 100th Anniversary book will be published for this event. A special rate is available for troop sponsorships -- you can put in photos of your troop and special messages for this very special event!. The deadline is EXTENDED TO MARCH 9, so be sure and sign up early!  


Here's the information you need.


Join Girl Scout alumni and friends to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouting!  The Museum of Mobile will host an exhibit of memorabilia from Mobile's history of Girl Scouting, which will be unveiled on March 12, 2012, -- the actual date of the 100th Anniversary. Heavy hors d'oeuvres will be served.

Who: Adult volunteers and friends of Girl Scouting

Date: March 12, 2012

Time: 6 - 8 p.m.

Location: History Museum of Mobile, 111 South Royal Street, Mobile

Ticket Price: $25 per person; $40 per couple.

Tickets go on sale February 1 in the Mobile Service Center.



To commemorate the 100 Anniversary, Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama invites troops to make a quilt block that illustrates a special activity (ex. service project) or Girl Scout heritage.The quilt blocks will be used to make as many queen-size quilts as possible.They will be displayed at Council events during the Centennial Celebration.

Please follow the guidelines listed below.

  • 9 ???? X 9 ???? block of bleached muslin (available at fabric shops)
  • Leave ???? inch border on all sides for seams
  • Please use a suitable medium in making the quilt block (no glue-on items such as sequins, glitter, foam cut-outs, pom-poms, buttons, religious symbols, etc.)
  • Include $5.00 to defray the cost of having the blocks quilted

Please send the quilt block to: Gloria Burton

                                              145 Coliseum Blvd.

                                              Montgomery, AL 36109-2707

If you have questions, please call Gloria at 334-272-9164 (Montgomery Office) or 334-462-9631.  

We've got an amazing 100th Anniversary celebration planned! "Girl Scouts Rock Mobile!" will take place March 24-25. Girls will spend two days in beautiful downtown Mobile making our presence known and celebrating in true Girl Scout style! Girls will visit historical and cultural sites, view our own history exhibit at the Museum of Mobile, take an " Eco Cruise" of Mobile Bay, attend an eco-fair, make "green" crafts, participate in a "Flash  Mob", special activities for older girls, and much more!  Click here for the details.

Part of our celebration will be a 100th Anniversary Art Contest, open to all troops.  Your can participate by creating a 3-D "100" art project, which will be on display during the "Rock Mobile Weekend.  Click here for more info.

March 1 is the deadline for both the "Girl Scouts Rock Mobile!" event and the 100th Anniversary Art Contest, so make plans to join the fun. It's gonna be great!

Earn the Make a Difference patch or Go Green patch before March 1st and have your troop's photo on display at the Girl Scouts Rock Mobile celebration! More information can be found in our 100th Anniversary Patch Book. Patches can be earned through the end of 2012, but paperwork and photos must received by March 1, 2012 to be included in the display at Girl Scouts Rock Mobile.

Here's a photo of girls from Brownie Troop 8100 in Gulf Shores earning the Make a Difference patch by making 100 cards to send to our troops overseas.


The 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts has been named the YEAR OF THE GIRL! What a great thing, so much more fun than Year of the Dragon, which is the Chinese zodiac this year. As I sit here and type this, the movers are filling the cookie pantry with cookies. One of our goals for the YEAR OF THE GIRL is to ensure we have sufficient funds to provide programs, events and adequate properties to serve our girls going forward.

The cookie program accomplishes this: more than 75 percent of GSSA's income is from the cookie program, but that is too high.  We need to ensure that girls will have what they need for the future. So, as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting, we will also embark on increasing our fund develoment efforts. We rely on the community to understand the value of what we do with the girls, understand that we build leaders for our future, and understand that we teach responsible citizenship.

We know the community will support girls, but part of our problem is that we haven't asked.  We ask the community to purchase cookies and they do, but is that enough of an investment in their future? As we move forward, if you know of any companies, corporations or individuals who would become partners with us to make every year the YEAR OF THE GIRL, please e-mail or let us know via Thanks for all you do to be a partner for GIRLS!
We are looking for vintage GSUSA insignia to enhance our 100th anniversary exhibits.  In particular, we need 1940s-1950s green curved ID strips in official Girl Scout covert with MOBILE or one of our other council cities embroidered in green.


If you can donate one of these (on or off a sash), or any other vintage Girl Scout insignia, we can make our exhibit all the more personalized.  Please contact Gigi Baroco at 251-971-1056 or with any questions regarding insignia you would care to donate. Thanks so much!


Back in July we put out a call for recipes to include in GSSA's 100th anniversary cookbook -- and wow, did you come through!   We were hoping to collect 200 recipes, but by the time all was said and done, we had received over 350 great recipes and fun artwork from girls within our council.

These cookbooks would make great gifts or stocking stuffers for friends, family members and troop leaders -- anyone who has a love of girls and Girl Scouting (or even cooking!).  Best of all, they are available RIGHT NOW in the council shops, or you can use this order form.  The price is $12.  

Get one (or several) today -- you'll be giving a great gift and supporting your local Girl Scouts.

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We know our way around a parade and we know a good float when we see one -- so we can appreciate a HUGE parade and floats covered in FRESH FLOWERS!

Of course, we talking about the Tournament of Roses Parade on January 2nd, where the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary Float will make its debut!  The float will feature a girl astronaut, a huge gold award, and other symbols of the goals and aspirations of Girl Scouting and will be ridden by the new CEO of GSUSA, Anna Maria Ch????vez.

There's a fun patch about floats and the Rose Parade your girls can earn; part of the requirement is to watch the parade and choose a favorite float -- what a great way to ring in the new year with your troop!

The Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles are hosting the float -- click here to find out more about them and to support them in this amazing process.
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Troop 8302 is sponsoring A TEEN NIGHT at PETE'S PARTY PALACE in Mobile, AL. on Friday, November 25, for girls in 5th-9th grades.

There will be a DJ, X-Box Tournaments, and Concessions. The time will be 8pm to midnight!

Come support our troop and help us spread the word.  We are raising money to celebrate Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary in Washington D.C. in June. 

This would be a great opportunity to get your holiday shopping done.

Contact Rachel Pierce at 251/367-8550 to get your advance tickets now through Wednesday, November 23.

Troops wishing to submit information on their fundraising efforts to attend the 100th Anniversary "Rock the Mall" celebration in Washington, DC can send details to our PR and Marketing Department.for inclusion in the blog and the GSSA weekly.


We had a great time in Montgomery and Mobile this past weekend!  Hundreds of people and many troops of all age levels gathered to celebrate both Juliette Gordon Low's Birthday and the kick-off to our 100th year of Girl Scouting in the US.

The Birthday cruise was a beautiful, scenic tour of the Alabama Riverfront highlighted by 200 voices singing "Happy Birthday" to Juliette Low before devouring their cupcakes! 

Girls earned badges, made crafts, played games, sang and danced their way through the morning.   The event was hailed a success by all who attended.  There were also fashion shows of uniforms from past decades of Girl Scouting.  The girls attending (and the adults, too!) had a grand time.

Here's a photo of our Volunteer Historian, Gigi Baroco (sporting a replica1920's uniform) and models Kerri, wearing the 1955-62 Junior uniform,  Elanne, modeling the 1946-48 Intermediate uniform, and Alena, showing us the 1962-73 Cadette uniform. Click on the image to see a larger version of this photo.

The staff and volunteers worked hard in the weeks leading up to the celebrations to provide safe, fun and educational events and we really appreciate their efforts. 

Do YOU have photos from the 100th Anniversary Kick-Off?  Send them to the PR and Marketing Department and we will post them in our flickr group.

Do you love Disney World? Do you love Girl Scouts? Then this bridging ceremony is just for you! Girl Scouts and their families are invited to a special ceremony May 26 or 27 at Epcot. 

This isn't a Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama program, but is a wonderful opportunity to combine two things girls love -- Girl Scouting and Disney World -- into an unforgettable bridging event.

ttendees will participate in a ceremonial welcome and pledge before dividing into smaller groups for the bridging experience. Each Girl Scout will receive 1 commemorative event item and access to badge alignment e-materials. Disney characters will be on hand to surprise and congratulate the Girl Scouts. Add on youth programs are available.

Register before this event reaches capacity (or May 1, whichever comes first) and receive reduced ticket prices and hotel rooms (online).

Registration information :

Note: this event is not sponsored by Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama. It is open to troops or individual Girl Scout families.  Answers to frequently asked questions:

Don't miss the celebration that only comes once every 100 years!  GSSA's Centennial Celebration will be Saturday, October 29, 2011, at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery. Come out and celebrate this special occasion with us. This event is open to the public and starts promptly at 8:30 a.m., lasting until 12:30 p.m. Bring your girls (and their friends!) to join in on the fun as we celebrate 100 years of building girls of courage, confidence and character!

Also, don't forget to pre-order your GSSA centennial cookbook while they're still $10. This is the last week for this price. They make awesome gifts, and the recipes are great! Orders can be emailed, faxed or mailed in (MUST be postmarked no later than October 29). Cookbooks will cost $12 after that date. Click here to order yours today!

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