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power_of_girls.jpg It's hard to believe but most of the 800 million girls around the world are treated differently from boys. In some parts of the world, simply being born a girl means being kept from going to school and told to just do chores and raise a family.

Yet, did you know, that the more education a girl gets, the more likely she is to have a healthy family, a solid income to invest back into her community, and a vision for her future? When a girl thrives, so do whole communities. Pretty amazing, right?

Empowering girls today is a global issue. There are girls everywhere in the world, including the United States, who aren't treated fairly. We have the power to change this and it starts with YOU!

Girl Scouts USA, CARE, Seventeen Magazine and the Documentary Group are asking teen girls, their families, troop leaders and other mentors to make a pledge at The Power of Girls to learn more about issues facing girls around the world. The goal is to collect 50,000 pledges by International Women's Day in March of 2011.

So empower yourself with information!  Take the pledge!



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