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Saddle Up


Erin had a great time at Camp Scoutshire Woods' Saddle Up session, and shared her journal entries with us.  If you've ever wondered what a week of resident camp is like, read Erin's entries!


Sunday, June 14

Today was really fun.  The girls in my cabin are funny and nice but sometimes annoying.  I was in the cabin with Tara, Sabrina, and Beth.  Our counselors are Duchess and Wendy. When we went to swim for the swim test there were three places to swim.  Me and Sabrina got a yellow cap.  That means we get to swim  the middle section.  Beans, the life guard said I was a really good swimmer and asked if I wanted to be in the yellow section.  Once we finished swimming we went straight to dinner.  We had pizza and salad.  My job was sweeper.  When I got done I found the other girls and we went to get our medicine.  Then we went to the opening camp fire. 

After the campfire we had cake and ice cream.  Sabrina and I got showers last.  It was fun because she controlled my shower and I controlled hers.  For a while the girls in our cabin were so loud that I couldn't get to sleep.  Finally I did and then "Crash!". One of the girls lights fell and the top flew off of it.   My boot fell on top of it. It shattered into a million pieces.  We finally found all the pieces.  Now I am trying to get to sleep again because we have to get up at 7:00 in the morning.


Monday, June 15

Mixed up Mosh Monday

It was really fun today.  For breakfast we had biscuits and sausage.  I mostly had sausage.  After breakfast we went to archery.  We had to shoot a takedown bow.  It was much heavier than the bow I shoot at home.  I thought I was going to miss but I didn't. 

Then we went to ride the horses.  I rode a horse named Chase.  They said that he was stubborn  and likes to roll in the sand.  Chase is white and he sweats a lot.  I like him though.

We also have a mouse who lives in our cabin.  We named it Cheddar Cheese.  It has a home over Tara's bed.  We found it tonight and decided it would be our camp pet.  We didn't touch it though.


Tuesday, June 16

For breakfast today we had grits and eggs.  Then we went to ride the horses.  First we got to muck out the stables.  It was very fun and not too disgusting.  After that we had to clean the pasture.  I really missed the air conditioning then.  Then I got to ride Chase.  He was sleepy. 

 We went to the spillway for lunch and to play.  After turtle time we went canoeing.  Yeah!!! It was so much fun.  They let us canoe barefooted.  Then we went swimming.  We were late getting there so we only got to swim for ten minutes.  After that we had a camp swim. 

The whole day was twin Tuesday but I was a triplet with Tara and Sabrina.  Finally we had a shampoo party.  The best part of that was when the counselors got hoses and used them to wash us off. 


Wednesday, June 17

For breakfast we had bacon and french toast.  Our group got to sing the blessing.  I made one up.  Then we went to ride the horses.  We got to ride first today.  Each day we got the same horse so I was on Chase.  Today they let us make the horses trot.  It was bumpy.

After that we went to the craft hut and made wind chimes.  Then we went to the trading post.  When we got there we could not get in to get ice cream so I bought a white horse and named him Chase.  Then we went to lunch.  At lunch we got to set the table and sing the Super Man blessing.  The best news is that this whole time I have not seen one snake and I get to see Pony Girl everyday too.

We swam for what seemed like hours.  I played with Mary Lee alot.  Then we went back to camp to switch into real clothes.

We made supper in camp.  I got to make the center piece.  We tried to make a horse but it didn't turn out to well.  We could have had either chicken and rice or lasagna.  I had chicken and rice.  Then we had cupcakes.  We had tryouts to decide what we were going to sing at the campfire and we decided to sing Magdelina Hagdelena.  I got teach it because only me and Sabrina knew it.  Numa and Red Bud thought it was hysterical.  Then we had s'mores and showers and went to bed.


Thursday, June 18

Today for breakfast we had grits and eggs again.  Before we went to breakfast we had to feed the horses.  While they were eating I got to help Sabrina groom Dusty.  Chase isn't good at getting in the stall so I didn't get to groom him. It was still too early to ride them so we went to breakfast.  After that we went to archery.  we got to shoot at balloons.  I think I would have hit mine if it weren't for that heavy take down bow. 

Next we went to the craft hut.  We were supposed to make baskets but we didn't have enough time so we made Father's Day cards instead. 

Then we went  for ice cream.  After turtle time we got everyone to sign our shirts.  Then we went to ride horses.  Today we went on a trail ride.  Chase kept on stopping to eat grass.  On the trail we got to trot some too.  It was really fun.  After that we went to swimming.  It seemed shorter than we thought it should.  The lake wasn't really all that gross it was just sandy.  Then we had supper and went to the closing camp fire.  Our group sang Magdelina Hagdelina and did the Pebbles skit.  The we did wish boats and the circle. 


Friday, June 19

This morning I was up early.  For breakfast we had pancakes and sausage.  Then we went to the rec hall.  We went to play games.  One game we played was called I  Love All My Girl Scout Buddies.  Then we played a game where you have to go through a hula hoop while holding hands and try to get it back where it started.  Next we went for a canoe race.  The girls on my canoe were all on one side so that when we ran into other canoes ours almost tipped over.  One canoe got disqualified because some girl stood up in it.

After that we went for a swim race on the kick boards.  Sabrina got first place and I got fifth.  Next we had a group swim.  Finally, we had turtle time and it was time to pack up to go home.  It really wasn't as hard to get all my stuff in my bag as my mom said it would be.

Check out the video from Kamp Kiwanis this week!  Chevy came down to Camp Scoutshire Woods Wednesday, June 17, so we'll have that video up next week. 

Also, be sure to check out the camp photos.  It's been a hot week, but that hasn't stopped the girls from having a great time!  If you haven't been to camp yet, we hope to see you there!


camp_girls.jpgWhy are we talking about Summer Camp in February? Because it's almost time to register for this summer!

There are cool programs for every age group.  Swimming, canoeing, horseback riding--all the great stuff you love to do at camp!

You can room with a friend, and your non-Girl Scout friends can sign up for camp, too! 

Remember (if your troop chose to receive incentives) if you sell 600 boxes of cookies, you get to register early!  This is great because some programs (especially the horseriding camps) fill up early.  Your parents get a huge discount on the cost of camp, too!



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