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Troop 7182 of Auburn remodeled the two playrooms at Hosanna Homes, a residential facility where women undergoing a addiction recovery program may live with their children. 


One of the Troop's Co-leaders is a volunteer at Hosanna Homes; she took the four Cadettes on a field trip to learn about Hosanna Homes. The Cadettes saw the state of the playrooms, and decided to help with cleaning, shelving and organization. 


The children at Hosanna Homes were very excited at the prospect of the newly-painted room, with its new bookshelves full of new toys. They really wanted to help out the Girl Scouts! 


Emily, Elisa, Emma, and Carly all worked on this project. Their takeaway from this project? They were made aware of addiction recovery and learned many life skills including budgeting, following directions, serving others, working together as a team and time management. 


Congratulations, Girl Scouts!



Three girls from Troop 9327 built a rolling book cart for the Nehemiah Center in Montgomery, collected and labeled books for it, and read to afterschool care kids and ESL (English as a Second Language) kids. 

The Girl Scouts wanted to tutor children and so they spoke with the Director of the Nehemiah Project (a Christian Community Development Program which provides after school care and other programs in a lower-income community). The Director expressed that the Center really needed a rolling book cart and Accelerated Reader program books. The Girl Scouts chose this as their project, and also to read to the children after school with the books they would donate. 

 The Girl Scouts felt that they had a good plan, even though at times the huge stack of books they collected which had to be labeled was a little intimidating. They encouraged one another and worked on their Silver project during their regular meeting time. There was another Silver project being worked on at the same time in their troop, so the entire troop was engaged during meetings on Silver projects.. 

 The Girl Scouts hope that students served by the center will come to love reading. And that the ESL students will improve their English skills and the English skills of their families by checking books out of the cart and taking them home with them. 

 All the girls enjoyed helping the students, and were proud of their accomplishments, and they learned many practical DIY skills along the way with their project.

Troop 9327 Silver Award - Scavenger HuntSix girls from Troop 9327 developed a scavenger hunt patch program for the Alabama Department of Archives and History. The girls developed the pamphlet for the hunt, which walks participants through the Hands on Gallery and the Museum of Alabama. The girls also designed the patch, and donated the design to the Department. 
The Girl Scouts chose this idea from a list of options they developed with a focus on providing enrichment activities to older kids' groups. They worked on their project during their regular meetings - this helped them to set target dates and goals, and to stay on track. 
The girls state that, through their Silver Award project, We learned a lot about Alabama history. We had to go to the Museum of Alabama so many times to develop the questions and test the scavenger hunt that we feel like we have memorized us. You can ask us how many pigs are in the diorama or how to make cornbread in the 1800's and we can tell you! We also learned about how to plan long-range and work with a group." 
The Girl Scouts hope that older kids will appreciate the Museum of Alabama, and provide some funds for the ADAH too. They are very proud of their project.
SU 708 Juliettes Taylor and Lauren love animals, so they wanted their Silver Award project to reflect their affection for dogs and cats. They met with the Lee County Humane Society (LCHS) to determine which of the Society's needs they could meet through their Silver Award project.  They decided to create equipment for a dog agility course to use in playtime and training.

They scoured the internet to find ideas and plans for equipment they could create on a limited budget.  Then they worked with Home Depot employees to learn the skills they needed to create the equipment, earning their Woodworking badge in the process.  

The Juliettes also conducted a supply drive for the dogs and cats at the LCHS with the assistance of their local Petco.

The girls reported that they improved their communication skills and learned tool safety, all while helping the animals of Lee County.  Very impressive, Lauren and Taylor! 

UPDATE; Governor Robert Bentley signed a proclamation recognizing Alivia and Shelby for their project.  Congratuations, girls!

At right, Girl Scouts Alivia and Shelby of Troop 9162 deliver the hot/cold therapy bags and door jammers that they sewed for residents of a local assisted living facility.  

They worked with an advisor to design the bags, learned new sewing skills, spent time getting to know the residents and presented the therapy bags and door jammers.  They spent 46 hours working on their project, as well as completing the other requirements to earn their Silver Award. 

Shelby reported:"I learned how to make therapy bags and how door jammers make doors quiet.  I learned how to work alone and with another person on a project. I learned it feels good to make an elderly person happy.  I accomplished a lot of sewing and making the elderly feel good and happy."  


Excellent work, Alivia and Shelby!  Congratulations on earning your Silver Award!



Congratulations to Katie Holtzcher of Troop 9157, who did a wonderful Silver Award project. 

Katie collected toiletry items and sewed personal necessity kits out of washcloths to hold the items. She made about 300 bags and sent them to an orphanage in Uganda through a foundation called Global Impact. 

Congratulations are also due to Laura Puranen, 9157 Troop Leader, for supporting and encouraging her girls. Wonderful job to you both!


Lisa and Sophie, of Troop 7098, earned their Silver Awards. Their project was making and installing 40 plant posts that will be used to identify plants at the Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve in Auburn. We are extremely proud of these two girls who designed, got the material donations, built and installed the posts, which are a wonderful addition to the facility.

We interviewed Lisa and Sophie about their project:

How did you come up with your idea?  

Sophie: I told Lisa about working at the summer camp they do there every year and we both thought it would be fun to do a project there, so we contacted Mrs. Jen Lolly and started our project.


Lisa:I started eliminating things I didn't want to do and I came across the Forest Ecology Preserve.

Were you intimidated by the scale of the project? 

Sophie:  A little bit. At first you do not think that 50 hours of work is that much, but after working for what seems like a very long time and you relieze that you have only added up to 10 hours it starts to get intimidating.


Lisa:A little bit. I knew I had the rest of the year. We broke it up into different steps and just went through them one at a time.


 How did you keep up the momentum for the project? 

Sophie: Just the thought of what it would be when we are done :)


Were you ever discouraged? 

Sophie:  Just a tiny bit towards the end. When we still had a lot of hours to fill in and not much time to do so.

Lisa:A little bit at the end because we had to start thinking of deadlines.


What did you do to overcome that?

Sophie: We started working longer and harder

Lisa:I just remembered that it was almost over.


How will people benefit from this?  

Sophie: People will be able to identify plants easier, maybe to the point to where they are as familiar with the plants as with the McDonalds sign!


Lisa:  People will benefit from these because they will have the information right then and there without having to do much more then look at the sign.


How did you feel after you finished?

Sophie: It felt great that we had done such a huge project that the community would benefit from.


Lisa:  It felt like a job well done and I could take a break.

Thanks, Lisa and Sophie, for sharing your process with us!

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Join older girls from Southern Alabama and Florida Panhandle for Silver and Gold training under the new Journeys standards. Girls must bring leader or advisor and adults are limited to the suggested girl/adult ratio. Girls will do training for awards, leadership development, team building and fun activities.


Where: Camp Kugelman in Lillian

Check in: 9 a.m. Saturday, August 28

Check Out: 10 a.m. Sunday, August 29

Cost: $25 girls and adults (includes meals, snacks, lodging, materials)

Optional Night: Friday- Sunday, $30 check in 8 p.m. Friday (includes snack Friday night and Breakfast Sat.)

Grade Levels: Open to 6th-12th grade girls interested in earning the Silver or Gold award

Minimum: 18; maximum 50

Registrations due: Mobile Service Center by August 13

Contact: Mary Anne Brutkiewicz, ext. 1202 or


Note: This is a collaboration between Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama and Girl Scouts of the Florida Panhandle. Future Take Action weekends will take place at other camps in our jurisdiction.


The Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation is dedicated to preserving the memory of Corinne Schillings, a 26- year-old woman who lost her life in the Baltimore Water Taxi accident on March 6, 2004. Corinne was a Silver Award Girl Scout and a 1999 graduate of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Corinne received her undergraduate degree in foreign languages, majoring in Italian; she also studied Spanish, French, and Portuguese. She spent two semesters studying in Italy, first in Florence and then Milan. During her study abroad in Florence, Corinne met her future fianc????, Andrew Roccella, who also died in the accident. Corinne believed strongly in higher education for women and in learning about various cultures through language. The foundation will award scholarships and grants to deserving young women who reflect Corinne's aspirations, values, and enthusiasm for life.


Scholarship: The foundation will award scholarships to deserving young women who have earned the Girl Scout Gold or Silver Award and who plan to or are currently pursuing a college major or minor in foreign language. This scholarship is renewable.


Grant: The foundation will provide airfare for a Silver or Gold Award Girl Scout who plans to study abroad, regardless of her major/minor. It is not necessary to be a scholarship recipient to apply for this one-time grant; nor are scholarship recipients excluded from applying. This grant is not renewable.


Application Deadline: May 15

For further information about Corinne, the foundation, or to obtain the downloadable scholarship and grant applications, visit the foundation's Web site at: or contact by email at: or by phone at: 708-957-3684 or 630-886-0507.



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