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It's Lily from Troop 8369, here to tell you about our Service Unit's Battleship Overnight!


My troop got to the Battleship on Friday after school and had dinner while we waited to get on the ship.  While we waited, we sang and played games.  When we got on the ship, we picked our bunks--they hang from chains on the ceiling.

We did some detective work that gave us clues to solve.  We solved the clues by taking a tour of the whole ship.  It's really big!  It was like a floating city -- there was even a shoe shop and a ice cream store!    There was a lot of historical information and it was sort of like being in a maze.

We stayed up late and whispered when lights went out.  It was like a really cool sleepover.  My mom shined her flashlight in our faces to tell us to go to sleep.  We got up early and cleaned up.  Then we went out for beignets and hot chocolate, and then we went home and crashed.  If you get to go to the Battleship, I think you will like it. 



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