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Susan was a GSSA Press Rep in 2013-14.  She LOVED camp then, and she still does!  She kindly contributed this blog entry with her thoughts on the camp experiences this summer.

Every summer, I get to enjoy an amazing week of hiking, singing, swimming, canoeing, banana boating, kayaking, zip lining, camping, archery, and meeting amazing new friends.

Where do I do all these amazing activities? Kamp Kiwanis, of course!  Kamp Kiwanis is located in Eclectic, Alabama on the beautiful Lake Martin.  I have been going every summer for the past four years!  My favorite part of camp is always going to be meeting new people.  My first year I even met one of my best friends!  

Camp is an amazing place to make memories!  One of my favorites is sleeping out under the stars one night, outside of the tents.  Another would be trying sushi for the first time.  If you are looking for something exciting to do next summer, camp is definitely the place to go!

We are offering four additional fun Resident Camps at Kamp Kiwanis this summer -- click on the session title to check them out!

Mom and Me Camp: July 3 - 8 (Daisy, Brownie, Junior)
Ever wanted to go to camp when you were a girl and didn't get a chance?  Maybe your daughter really wants to try summer camp but doesn't want to try it without you.  Here's your chance.  Come spend your Fourth of July holiday at Kamp Kiwanis on beautiful Lake Martin.  Moms and girls will get a chance to experience all the fun of  kamp including arts and crafts, swimming, canoeing, riding in the banana boats, experience the magic of the last campfire and have many other adventures.  Best of can do it together.

Mom and Me Camp Short Term: June 26 - 29 (Daisy, Brownie, Junior)
This session is the same as our regular mom and me camp session just on a smaller scale.  If you want to have the camp experience, but you don't want to stay the week try this camp session. You'll still get to try all the fun things at camp such as swimming, canoeing, arts and crafts and banana boating; and you'll get to share the experience together.  Come and see how much fun summer camp can be.

You Can't Do That At Camp: June 26 - July 1 (Cadettes)
If you want to come to Kamp but not leave the fun stuff home this is the Kamp session for you.  Not your traditional Kamp session, but with all the traditional camp fun.  In this session you'll do all the traditional kamp activities including swimming, canoeing, campfires and much more but....bring your stuff to camp with you.  In this session you can have your iPods and mp3 players and other electronic stuff (no cell phones please).  We'll raid the kitchen for a late night snack and watch a late night movie or two. Come enjoy camp with a twist!

Program Level: Cadette, Senior, Ambassador sunfish.jpg

Learn the basics of sailing on beautiful Lake Martin using our flotilla of sunfish. Our experienced instructors will provide a positive learning atmosphere for students to build confidence and develop skills. You will get hooked and join us for more instructional weekends!
(And feel free to join us at Mariner Weekend.)

No previous sailing experience required

October 23-Oct. 24, 2010

Time: Check in 8-8:30 am CDT Saturday
Check out 12 noon CDT Sunday (For those traveling a good distance, you can come Friday night.)
Where: Kamp Kiwanis near Eclectic, Al.

Fee: $25 - includes lodging, food Saturday evening and breakfast on Sun. (Bring a sack lunch for Saturday) and program materials.

A list of what to bring will be e-mailed to you upon registration.

Deadline to register Oct. 7th, 2010

Contact "Woody" at for further information

Check out the video from Kamp Kiwanis this week!  Chevy came down to Camp Scoutshire Woods Wednesday, June 17, so we'll have that video up next week. 

Also, be sure to check out the camp photos.  It's been a hot week, but that hasn't stopped the girls from having a great time!  If you haven't been to camp yet, we hope to see you there!


Emma Roberts, Hill Harper, Lisa Loeb, Kerri Strug, Michael DeLorenzo, Justin Chambers, Paul Adelstein, James Pickens, Blair Underwood, Sharon Lawrence, Frank Sesno, Glynn Turman, Ashlan Gorse, and Lisa Raye share how their lives have changed Because of Camp...???????.


Check out the sessions we're offering at Kamp Kiwanis and Camp Scoutshire Woods at



Hi!   I'm Erica, and over the week-end, I went on a camping trip! It was a lot of fun, and I'm really happy I got to go.   I'm a Juliette, which means I'm a Girl Scout, but I don't have a troop.   That's why I think it was really nice of the troop I went with to invite me.

The camp we went to was Kamp Kiwanis.   It's a really nice camp on a large, beautiful, perfectly blue lake.   We stayed in three white cabins, and they even had electricity!   It had tetherball, an archery range, and a swimming hole!

After we unpacked and ate lunch, we put on our life jackets.   We were going to ride on a yellow and red banana boat, which is a float that's connected to a boat.   I could see why it's called a banana boat because it's shaped like a banana!   On the first ride, I rode in back.   The water was freezing, and by the time we started speeding up, I was shivering!   Eventually, I got used to the temperature and it felt really warm.   The banana boat turned out to be more exciting, fun, and exhilarating than I thought it would be!   We would bounce up and down on it, lean to the sides, and wave to the people we saw.   I fell off the side once, but I pulled myself back on.   We switched people after a while, and I was still riding in back.   Once, when we were leaning, the whole banana boat tipped over!   We all fell in the lake, laughing really hard.   We got back on it, but it wasn't long before one of my friends fell off!   After that, we just slid off.   Only one person stayed on!   We switched people a second time, and this time I was riding in front.   It's bouncier in the front, and I got bounced off!   I was giggling the entire time.   Everyone else thought it was funny, too.   We went around the lake a little more, but we had to turn back because we ran low on gas.

When we came back we were really hungry.   That was good, because it was already time for dinner!   We had tacos, beans, rice, and chips and salsa.   It was all incredibly good!   After dinner, we played cards.   They taught me how to play a game I had never learned before, but I've already forgotten it!   We also made some cool bracelets and played with clay.   We went to bed a little early, exhausted from the day.   The next day, we had some pancakes and went home.   It was extremely fun the entire time, and I'll never forget it!

--Press Rep Erica



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