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Dear Scout:

I want to come to camp, but I am afraid I won't know anyone or make any friends.  What should I do?

A Little Shy

Dear Shy,

I know you will meet lots of new girls at camp.  Some of them will be your friends, if you are friendly to them.  The camp counselors try hard to help everyone get over their first shyness so they have a good time.  My best advice is to do what I do -- jump up and down, wag your tail, and lick their nose!  No one can resist the power of the nose lick! 

Your Camping Friend,


(Scout is an experienced camper who has spent many summers at GSSA camps, interacting with campers and staff.  Scout is happy to answer all your questions about Summer Resident Camp.  You may reach Scout by emailing


Girl Scout Camp, Girl Scout camp, Girl Scout camp. Girl Scout camp is super fun! First, we go to a place called Camp Scoutshire Woods.Next we go to either the tents or the cabins. We clean the cabins a little and then cook dinner on an open fire. On Saturday we cook breakfast and do a flag ceremony. It's where we unfold the flag. Don't drop the flag! Our flag almost did but it was caught just in time! Next we learn how to do archery. There, they teach you how to use a bow-and-arrow. It's fun! Next, we put on makeup and have lunch.

After this, we go swimming and canoeing. We also learn to sing "Little Sally Walker Walking down the Street."We go swimming again and hiking this time too. Then, we go to sleep. On Sunday, we go home. If you go to camp, you will have fun like me because you'll meet new people and you'll learn to make butter. It's fun at Girl Scout camp. I love Girl Scout camp and you might too. I am looking forward to next time!

Hi, my name is Brianna and I am going to tell you about my enjoyable time at kayaking trip during the summer. 

When I arrived at Scoutshire Woods Girl Scout Camp, Ranger Rick took our bags and put them in High Winds. Then, we went to a swimming party and it was a blast. We ate pizza and drank Capri Suns. After that, I was met by my tent buddies and they were friendly. 


The next morning, we woke up and had a delicious breakfast. Next, we went to the canoe docks and practiced kayaking. After we practiced enough, we went to a Mississippi creek and kayaked for two to three hours When we were done we had a delicious hobo meal.  We enjoyed chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Boy! After that, we had fun and went canoeing and kayaking again. That night, we lit candles and sang sweet, sad songs that made the entire group of kayakers cry.

The next morning we packed our stuff and got ready to go home. We stayed at the Rec hall and played games for awhile.  One game we played was Cane Race. Once we did the races, the camp director announced the spirit stick. Kayaking the river trip was awesome. This is one camp that I will never forget because it was fun, enjoyable and amazing. I hope that everyone will go and have a lot of fun!

Lake Jacomo Reflection

Image by Gwen's River City Images via Flickr

Imagine a place where girls with physical disabilities can enjoy the resident camp experience - sleeping in a tent, singing around the campfire, swimming in a wheelchair-accessible pool, and, most importantly, forming friendships that last a lifetime. Now imagine a place where YOU make it all possible - bringing joy to these campers, learning what it takes to work in a disability-related field, and forming bonds that you will forever remember. That place is Juliette Low Camp, in beautiful Lake Jacomo, Missouri, where more than 100 girls with physical disabilities and their friends join together with 28 teen Girl Scouts, ages 15-18, from throughout the U.S. for an unforgettable experience.

During each camp session, you will provide the campers with the opportunity to enjoy swimming, songs, games and campfires. You will also assist/take care of the campers' dressing, feeding, personal care, and transportation around the camp (wheelchair power!). From opening day to the closing campfire, you will have the chance to provide a summer of memories for a special group of young girls.

Girl Scouts of NE KS & NW MO is currently recruiting camp counselors for their destinations event, and they need your help!  
Counselors should be at least 15 years old by July, 2011.
Anyone interested please contact Carol Solenberger, or send the application by e-mail or mail to the address below by January 31, 2011.  
Carol Solenberger, Specialist
Girl Development
P. 816-759-3017
Toll free:  800-728-8750
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Program Level: Cadette, Senior, Ambassador sunfish.jpg

Learn the basics of sailing on beautiful Lake Martin using our flotilla of sunfish. Our experienced instructors will provide a positive learning atmosphere for students to build confidence and develop skills. You will get hooked and join us for more instructional weekends!
(And feel free to join us at Mariner Weekend.)

No previous sailing experience required

October 23-Oct. 24, 2010

Time: Check in 8-8:30 am CDT Saturday
Check out 12 noon CDT Sunday (For those traveling a good distance, you can come Friday night.)
Where: Kamp Kiwanis near Eclectic, Al.

Fee: $25 - includes lodging, food Saturday evening and breakfast on Sun. (Bring a sack lunch for Saturday) and program materials.

A list of what to bring will be e-mailed to you upon registration.

Deadline to register Oct. 7th, 2010

Contact "Woody" at for further information


Pick up where summer camp left off developing your skills with your crew mates while learning by doing and you will be sailing the Zumas with confidence before you know it. Come sail away on beautiful Perdido Bay!
(And feel free to join us at Mariner Weekend.)

Program Level: Cadette, Senior, Ambassador with Previous sailing instruction required!

October 2-Oct. 3, 2010
Time: Check in 8-8:30 am CDT Saturday
   Check out 12 noon CDT Sunday
(For those traveling a good distance, you can come Friday night.)

Where: Kugleman Aquatic Center, Lillian, Al.

Fee: $25 - includes lodging, food Saturday evening and breakfast on Sun. (Bring a sack lunch for Saturday) and program materials.

A list of what to bring will be e-mailed to you upon registration.

Deadline to register September 17, 2010

Contact "Woody" at for further information.


Calling all 8th-12th grade girls in troops or Juliettes interested in high adventure, water-based activities! This year's focus will be a mix of white water canoeing, rafting and sailing. Be sure and join us for a fun weekend of meet-and-greet where we will plan all exciting activities to schedule on our calendar. Bring your planner. If you are interested in this Mariner experience, don't miss out! Hop on board now!


Troops interested in the mariner program are also invited. The Leaders will get information on certifications and program objectives and goals during this weekend.

Saturday September 11, 2010-September 12, 2010

Registration deadline: Aug 30, 2010

Camp Scoutshire Woods- Citronelle, Al.

Time:  Check in 8-8:30 am CDT Saturday

            Check out 12 noon CDT Sunday

(For those traveling a good distance, you can come Friday night.)


Event Type: Introduction Mariner Pathway

 Program Level: 8-12th grade girls

Fee:   $25 - includes lodging, food Saturday evening and breakfast on Sun.  (Bring a sack lunch for Saturday) and program materials.

A list of what to bring will be e-mailed to you upon registration.

Contact "Woody" at for further information.

Emma Roberts, Hill Harper, Lisa Loeb, Kerri Strug, Michael DeLorenzo, Justin Chambers, Paul Adelstein, James Pickens, Blair Underwood, Sharon Lawrence, Frank Sesno, Glynn Turman, Ashlan Gorse, and Lisa Raye share how their lives have changed Because of Camp...???????.


Check out the sessions we're offering at Kamp Kiwanis and Camp Scoutshire Woods at



What happens at the end of Cookie Sale?  Signing up for Resident Camp!  And outstanding cookie sellers get to sign up early!

Girls who earned Cookie Camperships (by selling 600+ boxes of cookies) may register  starting March 23.  Camp registrations for all girls (including non-Girl Scouts) will be accepted starting March 30.   More information about all the different camp sessions may be found at the Camp page on our web site.

Registrations for all camp sessions, including girls with camperships, are on a first-come, first-served basis by postmark date at the Montgomery Service Center for Kamp Kiwanis and the Mobile Service Center for Camp Scoutshire Woods.  Walk-ins will not be accepted because camp registrations are processed by mail in order received to give every girl an equal opportunity to register for her first choice camp session. 

Many sessions fill up quickly, so get your registration in the mail on March 23 or 30!

camp_girls.jpgWhy are we talking about Summer Camp in February? Because it's almost time to register for this summer!

There are cool programs for every age group.  Swimming, canoeing, horseback riding--all the great stuff you love to do at camp!

You can room with a friend, and your non-Girl Scout friends can sign up for camp, too! 

Remember (if your troop chose to receive incentives) if you sell 600 boxes of cookies, you get to register early!  This is great because some programs (especially the horseriding camps) fill up early.  Your parents get a huge discount on the cost of camp, too!



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