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Emily of Troop 9080, chose dyslexia education and collecting books for Ronald McDonald House for her Bronze Award project.  

She educated people in her school and her community about dyslexia, and how it affects not just reading but other everyday activities. She created flyers with facts about dyslexia and activities to help the public understand the condition. She did presentations to educate friends, family and the public and collected books at these presentations to donate to Ronald McDonald House.

Boxes of books are heavy!


Excellent project, excellent work, Emily!
8454-photo-1-web.jpgMy Troop (8454) is earning our Bronze award. We are serving at Mobile Urban Gardens. We have to serve 20 Hours. We saved compost to put in our garden. Our gardener gave us some seeds to plant so we can plant them at our house to turn to seedlings. I got one of my favorite vegetables, carrot. Some of my plants are sprouting.  

Earning a Bronze award is really fun because we are doing other related activities like using vegetables to make dog biscuits for a program called Tailwaggers.  At the gardens we sow, grow and reap what we sow - at the end of our growing in May, we will invite our moms to a vegetable dinner we make for them. 

After our troop earns our Bronze award we are going to Disney World.  We will go this summer.  Our troop chose motion.  Motion is where you get to ride Space Mountain and learn the physics about it.  We get to ride it with the lights on and off.  Once you earn a Bronze award you'll have fun earning it.

-- Press Rep Tristan
8363_Bronze_Award.jpgThe 5th Grade Juniors of Girl Scout Troop 8363 completed their Bronze Award on Tuesday, March 22, 2016.  

For their Bronze Award Project, they delivered 50 personalized Easter Buckets to the children of St. Mary's Home in Mobile.  The girls met, collected donations, and assembled the buckets over a 2 month period of time.  They involved their schools, churches, and community in this effort and received cash and other donations through events such as school out of uniform days, "Quesadillas for Quarters", and a bake sale.

Each bucket was personalized with the child's name in white vinyl letters and included a journal, pens and pencils, soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, lotions, lip balm, combs, brushes, toy airplanes, chocolate Easter candy, nail polish, hair accessories, and, of course, a box of Girl Scout Cookies!  In addition, the girls hand made pillows from donated bright yellow fleece scarves and laminated Easter Cross bookmarks to accompany the journals.   

It was a wonderful experience!
Troop Leader Karla Bishop explains the project: 

We put a letter to our neighbors explaining our project and purpose (raising awareness for Shaken Baby Syndrome) on a paper bag along with a flyer so they could educate themselves and others and asked them to fill the bag with brand-new baby items. We set out 200 bags. We went back the next week and collected 40 bags filled with items such as diapers, wipes, pacifiers, clothing and socks, booties, toys, personal care items and more! 

We then sorted through all the items and decided what else we needed to buy. With cookie money, I purchased 100 polyester baby bags, along with baby books, blankets, and travel size Johnson and Johnson care kits to fill the rest of the bags. A kind person whose great-niece recently died of shaken baby syndrome delivered a bag of hand-knitted purple beanie hats and another mom in our troop knitted some as well (purple is the chosen color for Shaken Baby Syndrome awareness). 
We kept out some money to give each of the girls cash to shop for baby items of their choice at Target (and I stood at the register to collect all change). This awesome mall trip also allowed us to complete our Savvy Shopper badge. 

The girls sorted through all final items, stuffed the bags, folded the letters and fliers to put into the bags and tagged them all either boy, girl or neutral. We then took 50 of the bags to Springhill Medical Center (where a wonderful nurse told the girls how many lives they could potentially have saved by doing this project) and took the other 50 to USA Women's and Children's hospital. 
 I am glad they all learned about Shaken Baby Syndrome but I suspect they also learned how you can make a tremendous impact in the world no matter what age you are. They really enjoyed this project. 

The name of our Girl Scout Junior Bronze Award Project is "YES PAL!"  That stands for "Your Emergency Supplies for People and Animals Locally." The project fits the name. 

The Juniors of troop 7098 in Auburn, Al, made 100 shoeboxes with emergency supplies. Some of the supplies included were water bottles, toothbrushes, a list of local vets, canned pet food, emergency contact numbers, brochures on what to do in case of an emergency, stuffed animals, a water-proof bag for important documents and a mini first-aid kit. We wanted to make our community aware of what to do in case of an emergency for themselves and for their pets. We knew this need was important after our area had a tornado come through in Auburn. We had the opportunity to meet with people at the EMA, the Red Cross and our local Lee County Humane Society. We had great fun helping our community, working together as team and earning our Bronze Award.

The Junior girls that made this effort happen are 7 sweet girls and 2 amazing leaders. They are Analia, Eden, Sadie Lynne, Sydney, Naomi, Caroline and Jessica. Our extremely helpful leaders are Betsy Stallworth and Melinda Stewart.

We learned that with a team you have to work together and if you do anything is possible!! Once we made our 100 boxes we distributed them around our community. We gave them to each family in our troop, to the East Alabama Community Market, The Humane Society, and other local neighborhoods and organizations.

Our Bronze Award was overall a great success and helped our community. It was an amazing experience for our whole group!

Written by Girl Scout Jessica and Troop Leader Melinda Stewart
Hi, my name is Mikayla and I have been a Girl Scout for 3 years.  I'm a second year Junior in Troop 8056, in Mobile.  We are a very active troop.

We go on exciting adventures to new places and get to meet a lot of new people. I get to see things I would not have seen if it wasn't for Girl Scouts.  Last year, I earned my bronze award.

I earned my bronze award by collecting clothes, toys, old cell phones, and even donating cookies to the Penelope House.  Just in case you are wondering, I collected old cell phones so someone could fix them and be able to call 911 when they were in trouble.  I also did chores around my house to earn money for them.  The Penelope House is a safe haven for women and children who are being abused and need to get away to a safe place.  The most important thing I learned from this was that not everyone has the life they want, even though they deserve it.  And that is how I earned my bronze award
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Savannah.jpgHi, my name is Savannah C. (pictured right) I am a Junior Girl Scout in Troop 8062, and we are trying to earn our Girl Scout Bronze Award. I am asking for your support for a special project called "Spooky to be Hungry." This project helps people in Baldwin County get canned food to their families so they can have food, especially during the holidays.

All this takes is three easy steps. First, put a bag with a flyer on your neighbors front door on October 17. Then in one week (October 24), go to that neighbors' house and pick up the bags which should be left on the doorstep. Last, on October 25, bring all the bags to your leader. Go with your troop to the Ecumenical Ministries in Fairhope to drop off the bags between 2 and 4 p.m. My troop will be there collecting, counting, and sorting all of the canned goods.

Last year my troop raised over 500 cans. Just think how many cans all Girl Scout troops in our area could raise. That will certainly make it less "Spooky to be Hungry." After we count all the food, we will report back the wonderful results.

THANK YOU so much for helping us make it LESS "Spooky to be Hungry."




Thumbnail image for 8380.JPGSpanish Fort United Methodist Church, located in Baldwin County, operates a Uniform Closet that distributes gently used and new uniforms and school supplies to children in need.  On July 26, they had their largest distribution ever and were able to assist 403 children before the supplies were depleted.  Parents and children began lining up at 2:00 am to receive these uniforms and supplies.  According to Jill Arnott, director of the Uniform Closet, there is a huge need in the rural areas of Baldwin County for these items. 


After hearing about this, Junior Troop 8380 decided to conduct several uniform drives this year to help replenish the closet.  This drive, among other things, will count toward their Bronze Award and they need your help.  As your child returns to school this month, please bring their old uniforms to either the Montgomery or Mobile service centers.  Staff will make sure they get to the troop.  Donations can be dropped off at Spanish Fort United Methodist Church (just mention they are for the Girl Scout drive).


 Items needed are:

????         Uniform bottoms in Khaki or Navy Blue

????         Uniform tops in White or Navy Blue

????         Back packs

????         Lunch boxes

????         Coats and Sweaters

????         School Supplies (paper, pencil, notebooks, etc.)


If you have any questions, please contact Alicia Spencer.



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