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I walked to the door as I heard a few whispers from behind my old and rickety door. "Hi ma'am! My little girl is a Girl Scout and she said that she had heard you were a Girl Scout. And wanted to see if you would tell her a story of back then?" asked the woman.

I welcomed them into my home and walked them through the house to the old living room. I called my old Model-X and ordered both of them green tea. The little girl looked up at me with huge eyes as I sat back and she grabbed a pen and paper. "We used to not have to sit down and listen for 3 seconds then go back we would stay for hours at a time listening to my mother. Telling us all about how to run our own businesses and everything!" I said.

I watched as the girl set the pen up right and it started writing every word I said.  As I tell this little Girl Scout about my experiences 100 years ago at the Girl Scout Rock the Mall centennial celebration, I think about how different things are in 2112. It was amazing that I never thought that 100 years from 2012 that we would have robots, and pills (and Girl Scout cookie pills!) that people would take to have all of their daily nutrition.  Girl Scouts go to museums to see obsolete iPhones and Blu-rays. Thanks to rockets they take field trips in seconds to Pluto's Fantastic Amusement Park, which is actually on Pluto! And even other galaxies in minutes. There are Girl Scout troops on Neptune, and WAGGGS had to change its name to GAGGGS-Galactic Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 2024. The new uniforms are sequined jumpsuits and hoop skirts. They can talk with Girl Scouts in other countries and planets thanks to "Anna Pens", brain implants that let you hear and speak other languages.

The Girl Scout's mother thanked me for sharing my knowledge, but they had to hurry off. After they left, I pondered on where Girl Scouts will be in 2212...


In the past 100 years, Girl Scouts have changed a lot. We've gone from just one troop in Savannah, Georgia to thousands all over the world. The cookies we sell are no longer homemade, but are produced in factories by the thousands. We've developed badge books, uniforms and even different gestures like the Girl Scout handshake.

In the next 100 years, Girl Scouts could change even more. The uniforms could change and new badges could be created. Although, what I'd enjoy would be healthier cookies. Girl Scout cookie sales are vital in keeping our program going. It is one of our main fundraisers and raises a lot of money.

Many people have reasons to turn us down though. Some common ones are, "I've already bought some." And, "I've got food allergies." We always politely thank them and move on. One of the most common excuses is, "I'm on a diet." In the next 100 years, it would be cool that cookies are just as tasty, but also even healthier. That way people can enjoy some of their favorite cookies and not have to worry about their diet. That could also help bring extra funds to Girl Scouts. How do you think Girl Scouts will change over the next 100 years?


Juliette Gordon Low created an organization that has stayed true its mission for 100 years. Girl Scouts allows girls to get out in their community and learn what's going on. Learning life-long skills and working with one another as sisters. Girl scouts is for girls to learn to lead and make the world a better place. In the first 100 years girl scouts made a difference during WWI, the Great Depression, WWII and improving environmental awareness. To open the girls up to new experiences is still the mission today. Girl Scouts inspires girls to dream big and gives us an opportunity to advance.

What will the next 100 years be like? I will be a grown up. I want my daughter to grow up to be successful and have the grounding of Girl Scouts. I want her to be able to problem solve and to dream big. I believe by the time I am an adult we will have our first lady president who was also a girl scout. I believe participation in Girl Scouts will increase because little girls will want to be like her. She will probably be a strong supporter and have her own group meetings with girls about Girl Scouts.


Hi, my name is Press Rep Jamie. In the next 100 years I think Girl Scouts will be doing the same things they are now but different, selling cookies to good people and having even more fund raisers. I think that not much will change. Girl Scouts is a grand thing and I don't know why anyone would want to change them. The reason I joined Girl Scouts is to help people. One hundred years ago Juliette Gordon Low founded the Girl Scouts. She wanted to help girls of all ages become leaders. In the next 100 years I think the Troop leaders will teach the girls how to become Girl Scout leaders and/or unit leaders. We will give extra cookies or money to charities or the needy.

Girl Scouts may make a movie, race go carts on a track for $15.00 a person. We may get to put our hands in the cold water where the Titanic sank to the bottom of the ocean. We may even get to go bowling and earn a new patch. Being a Girl Scout has taught me so many different things that I would not have been able to learn on my own.



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