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Make New Friends and Keep the Old.  In this case my new friend is also my old one. I was cleaning out my closet when I found a picture of my old Brownie troop from when I lived in Prattville in first grade before I moved away for six years. I was looking at the picture, and I thought I recognized one of the girls. I looked on the back of the picture at the names and realized that one of the girls is now one of my new best friends.


When we were Brownies we did a lot of fun things like being in the Prattville Christmas parade, going to Kamp Kiwanis for the camporee, and going on a hayride. My friend, Sami, had quit Girl Scouts after that year and rejoined after a six-year break from scouting. Now in our Senior troop, we go weekend camping at Kamp Kiwanis and we get to plan our meals and activities. We also work on badges, do service projects, and help at the camporee each year.

            It's a small world and I have had the chance to go back to places I have been before to see old friends again. I'm thankful that Girl Scouts has allowed me to make new friends and keep the old through the years.

Are you an outgoing person who would like to tell others why Girl Scouting is important to you?  Then submit your application to be a Girl Scout Press Rep!  Girl Scout Press Reps can be girls or adults, who enjoy public speaking and/or writing and would like to represent the council.   Press Rep activities vary.  They may include writing articles, public speaking and more. Press reps will be required to write at least three articles during the year about Girl Scout activities for possible publication.


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My week at Kamp Kiwanis was great! My friends and I enjoyed so many fun activities like arts and crafts, boating, nature, archery, swimming, singing camp songs, and banana boating. My favorite activities were probably boating, archery, and banana boating.  It's hard to choose which activities were my favorites because I enjoyed them all.

The session I signed up for at camp was called Night Owls. We got to stay up later than all of the other campers doing fun night activities.  We went night swimming, hiking in the dark, and stargazing. I really liked going night swimming. It was great!

While at camp, my group completed some badge work. We worked on the Cadette Girl Scout Way badge. One of the requirements was to throw a party for an adult Girl Scout volunteer. We worked hard to throw a surprise party for Bossy, the camp director. It was really fun! We planned activities for all of the other girls to do and even baked cookies. The party was awesome!

Overall, my stay at Kamp Kiwanis was great! I made new friends while doing some of my favorite outdoor activities. We all had so much fun and I can't wait to go back next year!

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Hi! My name is Maxine and I'm a Senior Girl Scout. Being in Girl Scouts has given me many opportunities to get involved in my community and help others. In addition to this, it has caused me to develop a desire to participate in more of these activities. From preparing Christmas gifts for a nursing home to teaching 100 girls a dance I made up, I have learned that helping others is what being a Girl Scout is all about! Nothing gives you that fuzzy feeling inside like seeing the smile on someone's face and knowing that you helped make their day.

Girl Scouts has not only inspired me to join other groups that take part in community service through my school and church, but also to encourage younger girls to take part in Girl Scouts activities. I hope that one day they will share their experiences with other girls and get them excited about volunteering as well. This common desire to better our communities has been evident since the beginning of Girl Scouts, and I'm proud to be a part of the millions of girls around the world that share the love of giving back to them. Maybe in the future, if everyone takes part in helping out in our communities, the world will be a much better place!


Hey guys, it's Tori. 

I just got back from horse camp and it was so much fun! 

My horse's name was Quincy. He is a good horse and a big one, too. First we learned the basics: how to go and stop. Then we learned harder things like how to saddle and trot.  Then we had to clean the stables! That was really hard. The next day we had to wake up early to clean the stables, feed the horses and groom them.  And, then we had to saddle them. 

On the last day of horse camp we got to go on a tour of the ring and on the trail. The trail was long and so much fun! It was a real treat for us and the horses.  It made us all very happy.  I like being a Girl Scout and learning new things! We even got to cook a hobo meal at our campsite. You should go to camp to learn new things too! It is fun!


Would Daisy have ever dreamed that Girl Scouts would meet at our nation's capital to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting?

In June, I went to Washington D.C. with Girl Scouts for the National Sing-Along. The trip up was so much fun. I made new friends and got to see old ones. As soon as we were in D.C., we went to the Arlington National Cemetery. One thing I will never forget is President Kennedy's grave because he has an eternal flame over him. I'm glad we were there for a week because we got to see all the memorials. I got to go to Ford's Theater where Lincoln was shot and to the house across the street where he died. Lincoln is the only president that continues to this day to have books written about him. Dinner that night was at The Hard Rock Café. It was so much fun! Girl Scouts were able to dance in front of everyone.

At Girl Scouts Rock the Mall it was very hot but it did not stop people from singing and dancing. You don't know how many Girl Scouts there are until you see so many of them are in one city. After we left Mall, we went across the street to take pictures in front of The White House. If you turn around you can take a picture and make it look like you are holding up The Washington Monument. Every day when we got to the hotel we had no trouble sleeping.

I loved this trip and would love to do it again!


Hi! I'm Press Rep Tori. I went to Washington, D. C.  for Rock the Mall. 

It was not really a mall, even though it is spelled the same way. It's really just a bunch of famous museums.   It was at the Washington Monument and I got to meet Girl Scouts from all over the world and I mean, ALL over the world.  I got to meet a Girl Scout from Canada and from Great Britain.  Everywhere we stopped we had Girl Scouts asking to trade swaps and I got a lot of them! 

We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe for a Girl Scout breakfast and it was really good.  My mom and I wanted to meet the girls from "So Random!" (they are movie stars) at one of the booths.  They were signing autographs but we didn't stop because it was SOOOO hot. We also wanted to do a DOVE commercial but we didn't because it was so hot and so crowded. It was so crowded it was hard to move. 

I still think it was really cool that I got to see 100 years of Girl Scouting from all over the world! Just seeing the Girl Scouts made me proud to be one myself!


Press Rep Ann Claire interviews longtime Camp Scoutshire Woods Director, "Woody", in this short video. 

Woody's 40+ years with Girl Scouts gives her a unique perspective to answer the question "what can a cookie do?"

Click here or on the image at right to view this video on our GSSA Facebook page. 



I walked to the door as I heard a few whispers from behind my old and rickety door. "Hi ma'am! My little girl is a Girl Scout and she said that she had heard you were a Girl Scout. And wanted to see if you would tell her a story of back then?" asked the woman.

I welcomed them into my home and walked them through the house to the old living room. I called my old Model-X and ordered both of them green tea. The little girl looked up at me with huge eyes as I sat back and she grabbed a pen and paper. "We used to not have to sit down and listen for 3 seconds then go back we would stay for hours at a time listening to my mother. Telling us all about how to run our own businesses and everything!" I said.

I watched as the girl set the pen up right and it started writing every word I said.  As I tell this little Girl Scout about my experiences 100 years ago at the Girl Scout Rock the Mall centennial celebration, I think about how different things are in 2112. It was amazing that I never thought that 100 years from 2012 that we would have robots, and pills (and Girl Scout cookie pills!) that people would take to have all of their daily nutrition.  Girl Scouts go to museums to see obsolete iPhones and Blu-rays. Thanks to rockets they take field trips in seconds to Pluto's Fantastic Amusement Park, which is actually on Pluto! And even other galaxies in minutes. There are Girl Scout troops on Neptune, and WAGGGS had to change its name to GAGGGS-Galactic Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 2024. The new uniforms are sequined jumpsuits and hoop skirts. They can talk with Girl Scouts in other countries and planets thanks to "Anna Pens", brain implants that let you hear and speak other languages.

The Girl Scout's mother thanked me for sharing my knowledge, but they had to hurry off. After they left, I pondered on where Girl Scouts will be in 2212...


In the past 100 years, Girl Scouts have changed a lot. We've gone from just one troop in Savannah, Georgia to thousands all over the world. The cookies we sell are no longer homemade, but are produced in factories by the thousands. We've developed badge books, uniforms and even different gestures like the Girl Scout handshake.

In the next 100 years, Girl Scouts could change even more. The uniforms could change and new badges could be created. Although, what I'd enjoy would be healthier cookies. Girl Scout cookie sales are vital in keeping our program going. It is one of our main fundraisers and raises a lot of money.

Many people have reasons to turn us down though. Some common ones are, "I've already bought some." And, "I've got food allergies." We always politely thank them and move on. One of the most common excuses is, "I'm on a diet." In the next 100 years, it would be cool that cookies are just as tasty, but also even healthier. That way people can enjoy some of their favorite cookies and not have to worry about their diet. That could also help bring extra funds to Girl Scouts. How do you think Girl Scouts will change over the next 100 years?



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