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You may be wondering what cookies have to do with manatees. 

For one thing, we sell cookies in the winter in our council, and in winter manatees swim in from cold water in the Gulf of Mexico looking for warm water springs. The other way that cookies have to do with manatees, is that my troop and I saved cookie proceeds from our sale last year and used those profits to take our own trip to warm waters to swim with the manatees. It was an awesomely awesome experience!

We snorkeled and saw 15 to 20 manatees. Some of them were swimming and "walking" along the bottom, but most of them were sleeping and if you stayed still long enough you could watch them rise to the top to breath and sink back down. 

We also went to Homosassa State Park wildlife refuge which you should check out if you are in the Crystal River area. We heard an interesting presentation on the manatees and we also met Lu, a hippo! He's not a native animal of Florida, but the Governor declared him a citizen, so he lives in the state park. He turns 57 this week! 

Everyone in our council should make the trip to see the manatees one winter.

by Press Rep Claire and Lisa Harden



Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama, and our community, lost a bright light with the recent  passing of Susan Deloney.

Girl Scouting can mean different things to different people, but for Ms. Susan, Girl Scouting meant going new places and trying new things.  Ms. Susan always thought big and when there was a trip opportunity, she encouraged us to take it--to Gulf Port, to Dauphin Island, to Atlanta etc.  Because our troop covers the cost of troop trips, to go on these trips, we had to raise money by selling cookies. Ms. Susan was a talented Cookie Chair for four years for our troop.  She would explain to us during cookie training what it would cost for us to take the trip, and then she would help us sell enough cookies to get to that goal. She juggled booth schedules, made countless trips to the cupboard, and always had cookies to sell in her car.


We always did Walk About Weekend in her neighborhood, and she opened her house up to all of us to come in and out while we did it.  But, the Deloneys' house was always kind of that way--people stopping by and coming in and out. Ms Susan did not know many strangers.

She was active with our troop in other ways too.  When we decided to make our own troop shirts, she taught herself to tie-dye, bought the supplies, and then helped us make troop shirts.  She went on our camping trips with us and helped comfort younger girls new to camping. She also loaned us beautiful kimonos to wear for our Thinking Day celebration and loaned us her big family tent to take on a trip that she could not go on with us. 


We will miss Susan so much, but we will carry the memory of her boundless enthusiasm and big heart with us forever.



Press Rep JaKayla and her Girl Scout Troop 9128 participated in the Sister to Sister - Helping Louisiana Flood Victims community service project.  Here is her report:

Recently I was privileged to be given the opportunity to assist in the Louisiana flood victim supply drive hosted by our Girl Scouts.

As we loaded the truck for our items to be delivered, It really saddened me that the flood victims of Louisiana have had to endure such catastrophic events not one time but a second time within a few years. I know that this will be difficult for them but I also understand that this will make them stronger individuals. 

This experience has taught me that communities are families, they are key factors in the success of building up those who are weak or those who have fallen. I must say that those cases of bottled water were really heavy, though. I was a little flushed; honestly, I was really tired after the supply/food drive, but the great feeling that I had after helping load the trailer and drinking the vanilla bean cotton candy frappe' that my mom gave me was unexplainable. Honestly, it was a great feeling and also rewarding.

Along with our city leaders, civil service people, and other governing bodies, we Girl Scouts have a lot of work to do. Let's get busy and be proactive in our community. 

Last but not least, I hope that our donations will give them a sense of hope, love, and comfort in knowing that the Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama really cares. 

Thanks A lot-Jakayla 
Signing Out From Troop 9128 



This was such a good program to be in. But Program Aide is a serious program and you need to be ready for a class. It is very informational and I enjoyed it very much. But this is just the training; you still have to do service hours. They give you a list of things that you can choose from to do the hours.  They give you different scenarios so that you are familiar with them all.

You make tons of new friends. And we may have eaten some Girl Scouts cookies. I love this program and I think you will, too. 

-- Press Rep Abby


I had the opportunity to interview Girl Scout Ambassador, Deja Chappell. Deja is a Loveless Academic Magnet Program (LAMP) graduate who will be attending Yale in 2017. She was selected to participate in the 2016 United States Senate Youth Program (USSYP). The USSYP has a very competitive application process. Only two students from each state, the District of Columbia and the Department of Defense Education Activity are selected to attend what is known as "Washington Week."The selectees were also awarded a $10,000 scholarship.

Deja began Girl Scout in first grade as a Daisy and remained until she graduated high school. Although, she didn't earn awards she made memories that will last a lifetime. Deja's favorite memory was learning to sail at Kamp Kiwanis. She enjoyed going to Kamp Kiwanis every summer as a Girl Scout so much so, that she became a camp counselor. She loved working at camp, however, Deja said if she could change one thing about camp it would be the cost. She would like to have grants available so more girls could experience Kamp Kiwanis which could possibly add more diversity among the girls.

Deja has been a leader in class as well as in Girl Scouts so I asked her what advice she had for other girls. She said "follow your passion". If there is something that you want to do, don't allow your gender or fear to keep you from it. Instead, research about it and DO IT!

-- Press Rep Allyson, Troop 9327


For the past two years, some of the Cadettes in my troop (9327) and I have been babysitters for the Army!  

The Soldier and Family Assistance Program for Montgomery's Recruiting Battalion has an Annual Training Meeting Banquet at Maxwell Air Force Base. This year it was on June 3, 2016.  

Several of the Cadettes in my troop and I earned our Babysitting badge at the Badge Day put on by the Kappa Deltas at Troy University.  We used what we learned earning our badge while we babysat the children of the Army officers who attended the training banquet.  We watched some really young kids who were still in diapers and also some older kids who wanted to play board games and Twister.  

We were glad to help the Army in this way, and had fun too.

-- Press Rep Claire

8454-photo-1-web.jpgMy Troop (8454) is earning our Bronze award. We are serving at Mobile Urban Gardens. We have to serve 20 Hours. We saved compost to put in our garden. Our gardener gave us some seeds to plant so we can plant them at our house to turn to seedlings. I got one of my favorite vegetables, carrot. Some of my plants are sprouting.  

Earning a Bronze award is really fun because we are doing other related activities like using vegetables to make dog biscuits for a program called Tailwaggers.  At the gardens we sow, grow and reap what we sow - at the end of our growing in May, we will invite our moms to a vegetable dinner we make for them. 

After our troop earns our Bronze award we are going to Disney World.  We will go this summer.  Our troop chose motion.  Motion is where you get to ride Space Mountain and learn the physics about it.  We get to ride it with the lights on and off.  Once you earn a Bronze award you'll have fun earning it.

-- Press Rep Tristan

As a Girl Scout I was chosen as Press Rep to say a prayer in front of the legislators in Montgomery. It was a very wonderful opportunity. Two other press reps said the pledge. It was kind of scary but it was actually pretty fun because we got to meet the Secretary of State. 

There's a lot of history behind the state of Alabama that I never knew of. I also got to try the North-Central Girl Scouts of Alabama types of Girl Scout cookies, like the Savannah Smiles cookie. 

My favorite place in the State House is the voting room called the Senate. We talked about Governor Robert Bentley. The Secretary of State, John Merrill said that he has met President Ronald Reagan and Hillary Clinton and many more politicians and Presidents. 

The girls and I got to skip school but it was worth it. You should go to Montgomery, too! The people that work at the State house are very nice and you should go there and meet them to learn about the wonderful politicians of our great state. 

-- Press Rep Tristan

My Girl Scout Troop 9327 and the sisters of a few of my troop members who are also Girl Scouts, took a great trip to Chattanooga this past weekend.  We participated in an overnight at the Tennessee Aquarium.  

We got to tour behind the scenes and find out how the animals in the aquarium are cared for.  We slept in the undersea cavern where sharks, sea turtles, and fish swam above and around us all night.  

After the overnight program, we went to Ruby Falls and participated in a scouts program where we learned about the geology of the formations in Lookout Mountain, took the cave tour, and then did some gemstone panning. It was a great trip.

  -- Press Rep Claire
I want to tell you about one of our latest Girl Scout adventures. We spent the day at Camp Butter and Egg in Troy, Alabama. 

There we were able to go zip lining, play laser tag, climb a rock wall, and do an obstacle course in the trees. The tree obstacle course was a little scary, but all of the girls encouraged each other to be brave.We also wore harnesses. 

When we played  laser tag, we were split into teams by our different troops. We worked together to defeat Team Red by hiding behind obstacles including an old helicopter. 

The rock wall was very high, and there was a bell that you could ring when you reached the top. I was finally able to ring after several tries and hard work. My favorite activity that we did was the zip lining. We zip lined through the trees and even over the water. It was so much fun! 

-- Press Rep Patricia



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