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Have you ever heard of Girl Scouts?  I have.  Girl Scouts has changed my life for the better by teaching me how to get along with my friends.  That's the first thing I learned because if you don't know how to get along you won't have a fun time in Girl Scouts.  Getting along with your friends makes it easier to have a fun time in Girl Scouts.  Another reason is you can make more friends instead of just having the same friends.  You can do that by handing out membership registration papers so that different friends can join your troop.

Girl Scouts also gives me the opportunities to be a Press-Rep.  Press-Reps get to be on the news.  They get to spread Girl Scouts to other girls.  That means more girls can enjoy Girl Scouts like you.

In Girl Scouts, I got to learn about a lot of things like pets, painting, letterboxing, and lots more.  We went to wet pets and saw lots of different pets like cats, dogs, parrots, turtles, fish, and lots more.  We also learned a lot.  When we earned our painting badge, we went to this place called Tipsy Painting.  We learned how if you listen to music it will help you so that you know what you want to paint.  For letterboxing, we made a stamp by getting little erasers and hot gluing them to a coke bottle top.  We also got a little notebook and pen and put them in a bag with a stamp pad in it.  So now you know a little about how Girl Scouts has changed my life for the better.

     -- Girl Scout Brownie Tamatha recently announced comedic actress and star of "Glee", Jane Lynch as host of their star-studded "Do Something Awards" live telecast on VH1 on July 19 at 8 p.m. The final five nominees and grant recipients to be honored during the show were also announced. Each nominee is honored for their commitment to service and social change with a community grant of $10,000. Of these five nominees, a grand prize winner will receive a $100,000 grant for their cause during the live broadcast from the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. also announced the 2010 celebrity categories, honoring the entertainment industry for its continued dedication to activism and charity projects. All voting for these categories, including influential celebrities, musicians, comedians, and athletes, inspiring films and television shows, and social media initiatives can be done by the public at


There are some pretty cool nominees!  Which one did you like best??

"GS Endeavour 2010" is a blog following six high school girls from Girl Scouts of Northern California who were chosen to attend the launch of the space shuttle Endeavour. Each of these girls has a special interest in science and technology. You can follow the girls as they spend eight days exploring Florida's Space Coast, and comment on their experiences!

Check out this great video of girls from all over the world telling what the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts means to them!


inauguration.JPGHey girls! I just wanted to let y'all know about our latest big adventure! For those of you who don't know us, Haleigh and I are seniors at Satsuma High School, and also Girl Scouts from north Mobile County. This past week, we traveled to Washington, D.C. with a group from our school. We were with the Close Up program, a program that takes high school students to D.C. every year. This year, however, we were able to go to all kinds of Inaugural events! We saw President Obama being sworn in, we attended an Inaugural ball, and we went to the awesome concert on Sunday! (That's where this picture was taken.) The concert was amazing, because we got to see so many famous people, like Garth Brooks, Usher, James Taylor, Tom Hanks, Queen Latifah and Beyonce; as well as President Obama and Vice-President Biden. Being in Washington D.C. during this eventful time was so incredible; we were there to witness history -- along with three million other people! The crowds were insanely huge -- we couldn't move our arms we were packed so tight! The only thing worse than the crowds was the cold, and boy was it cold! Most days, it was in the 20's and 30's, sometimes with a wind chill in the teens! Also, Haleigh got to march in the Inaugural parade with Mobile's Azalea Trail Maids, which was a huge honor. For me though, one of the coolest things was meeting new people. We stayed in a hotel with several hundred other Close Up students from all over the country, (our roommates were from California!) and it was great to see how alike we were -- and how different. Close Up is a great program, so if you ever get an opportunity to participate in the program, go for it!


Leah N., Ambassador Troop 8495

Dear Girl Scouting friends:

Our brownie troop here in Mineola, Texas is embarking on an ambitious, year-long project and we need your help to prove friendship knows no boundries! We would like to exchange two (2), 12.5" muslin blocks with your group. The squares will become part of a banner we will use in parades, meetings, etc. On your block please put your troop number and location in the center with your girls signatures (first names only please!) surrounding it. Be sure to leave an empty 1/4 inch area around the edge for sewing seams together. Any embellishments your group would like to add would be great.

In return, we will send you two (2) similar blocks from our group along with little notes from our girls about what they enjoy doing here in Texas. If your girls would like to include similar notes it would be great fun and a wonderful learning experience for all our girls and a special memento for them to keep. If your group would like to participate or have any questions, please e-mail me at Please put "girl scout quilt" in the subject line so I can quickly pick your message out. We look forward to hearing from you.

SuChin Pak shares a "behind the scenes" look at the filming of the Uniquely Me campaign.  Take a look at the photoshoot and hear SuChin share her thoughts on girls changing the world.  Join SuChin at to learn more and play fun games!

 Girl Scouts helped SuChin Pak make the Uniquely Me PSAs (Public Service Announcements).  Watch them as they are part of this great program for girls!

Join SuChin Pak at to learn more.

Go Girls Only!


gorgirlsonlyscreencap.gifDo you like to play games?  Do you like to write poetry?  Do you want to know what girls are up to all over the world?

Go Girls Only is a fun and exciting web site for girls 5-12 created by Girl Scouts of the USA.  This site is a safe place for girls to play games, take quizzes, ask questions, share their favorite stories, write poetry, review books, or send e-cards to friends and family.

It's fun and a great place to hang. It's so good, we keep a link over in the left sidebar of this blog! Check it out at You'll like it!

Girls can change the way they look...but how much better it would be if we change the way the world looks at girls!  Join SuChin Pak at to learn more.




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