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Nestle will highlight exceptional youth in communities across the country with the Drumstick Heroes contest.  Fifty children between the ages of 6 and 17 are eligible to win a summer celebration package, complete with enough Nestle Drumstick Sundae Cones for a party of 50 friends.  I'm sure many of our Girl Scouts deserve this award!


To nominate an outstanding child or teen, submit the completed entry form, along with a short story (150 to 300 words) describing why the individual deserves to be honored as a Drumstick Hero. All entries must be received by September 15, 2010.  For details on this opportunity, please visit www.drumstick.com/promotions/heroes.aspx

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Wouldn't it be great to make a Girl Scout T-shirt with just what YOU want on it?  Now it's easy for you (or your troop) to design your very own T -- with your favorite design on it! 

You can upload your own design, or choose one ready-made.  There's a gallery of ideas to get you started.

These t-shirts are also great for troop camping, to commemorate special events such as Bridging or fun community service, going on a Destination trips, or for your Cookie Booth Sales.

Click here to start designing your Girl Scout t-shirt -- your way!

VOTE TODAY (and every day until Aug. 31)

to help support the 1st class of Distinguished Young Women (formerly America's Junior Miss)

For one month the Pepsi Refresh Project is committing an additional $1.3 million toward ideas that refresh the gulf.

If you have ever experienced, witnessed, or heard about Distinguished Young Women, you know that these young women are truly inspiring and REFRESHING! And they are very special to our Council -- every year, our troops "adopt" participants to be inspired by them,  have fun with them, and show them how wonderful Alabama Girl Scouts are!  With this grant, we can make 2011 even better.

 The Distinguished Young Women organization does all this:

  • Hosts the 2011 Distinguished Young Women on the Gulf Coast
  • Encourages continued education and provides cash & college scholarships
  • Showcases excellence in academics, fitness, talent, and communication
  • Creates opportunities to beneficially inspire the lives of others

How do I vote?

Step 1: Click Here http://gulf.refresheverything.com/distinguishedyw

Step 2: Click "Vote for this idea" Produce National Finals for the 1st Class of Distinguished Young Women

Step 3: Log In or Create Account (you will need to create an account so that you can vote everyday)

Step 4: Forward this e-mail to all your friends

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4 Tomorrow (You can vote for Distinguished Young Women once a day, until August 31)

We need your help to continue encouraging young women across the country. The Pepsi Refresh Grant is an easy way to ensure a quality national program here on the Gulf Coast. Please pass this along. Together we can win the grant! Voting ends August 31.



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