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Hi! It's Tori! I'm going to talk about Girl Scout cookies.  What's your favorite? My favorite is the Thin Mint! I like Thin Mints because they're so minty and chocolaty.  


The cookies are easy to sell. They are only $3.50 a box! The money we earn from selling cookies goes to Girl Scouts so that we can do fun stuff.  Some of the fun things we did with cookie money was we went to Camp Dixie and Camp Scoutshire Woods.  


The reason I like selling cookies is the cookie booths.  My mom and dad dress up in a cookie costume and lots of people think they are Spongebob because the costume is yellow.  Sometimes, I have to wear the cookie at the booth. 


The real reason the cookies are easy to sell is because no one can resist a cute Girl Scout.  Cookie sales are important because they taste good and the money helps all Girl Scouts. 

Cookie season planning starts very, very early!  Our baker is working on the 2013 cookie season  -- and the mascot is a


Should she be named Azul, Blu, Daphne, Dottie, Dylan, Fin, Grace, Sunni or Squirt?

Just visit, click on GIRLS, your age-level, and then on "Cast Your Vote" in the upper right corner to vote for your favorite 12/13 mascot name! 

The poll will be open until Friday, January 27th so vote now! 



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