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BrowniesGOC5.jpgAll you need are comfortable shoes, a little red wagon and cookies!  Load up your wagon and walk around your neighborhood to ask your neighbors to buy cookies before they're all gone. Don't forget to follow your cookie safety guidelines when selling your cookies. 


·         Encourage customers to load up on their favorites.

·         Call customers from your initial order card and see if they would like any more.

·         Promote extra sales by creating cute bundles.

·         Turn your driveway into a red wagon.  Create a yard sign to advertise your red wagon sale and set up a cookie booth drive - thru at your house.

·         Make a point to inform customers that Girl Scout cookies freeze very well, especially Thin Mints.

·         Consider making a bundle tag that states "freeze me". 

Alright girls, your initial cookie orders are in and it's time to start booth sales. Are you going for the top prizes? This year you don't want to miss out on the cool prizes you can win by being a top seller. Top three sellers win an iPod, Nintendo DSi, Wii or Xbox.  You can also win money toward a destination.  Not only are you rewarded with cool prizes, but your troop benefits, too. Imagine the fun trips or activities you can plan with proceeds from cookie sales. Remember, working hard at booth sales may be just what you need to reach the top. You can do it!

Old Navy is partnering with Girl Scouts to bring you super cute Girl Scout cookie merchandise! They are now offering limited edition tees with vintage Girl Scout logos and the Thin Mint, Tagalong and Samoa cookie characters. The shirts are fun, stylish and would look great on you and the rest of your troop at booth sales.


Speaking of booth sales, Old Navy is also now allowing troop booth sales during cookie season at some of their locations. What a fun booth sale location! Tell your troop leader about this exciting opportunity, you don't want to miss out on the fun.




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