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Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors from Troops 9065, 9261 and 9305 travelled to Atlanta, GA on March 16th to enjoy Medieval Times Scout Day. But that wasn't the only reason they travelled to Atlanta. After Medieval Times the group had planned a visit to one of the local Ronald McDonald Houses. The three troops collected pop can tabs and items from the RMHC wishlist and created several baskets to donate to the organization. As part of their Care to Share donation, the troops also donated 2 cases of cookies.

Upon arrival at the house, the group was greeted by Ms. Mary Beth.  Ms. Mary Beth provided information and a tour of the facility. She also provided the group a special meeting with a very special person, an 8-year-old girl named LaMiya. LaMiya, her mother and baby sister were residents. Ms. Mary Beth said she told LaMiya of our visit and that she couldn't wait to meet us, but we were not aware of meeting LaMiya.  After hearing her story, there was not one dry eye in the group. We were moved by LaMiya's big smile and the brightness of her big brown eyes. Tracey Brown, Co-leader of Troop 9065 said this was her 3rd trip she had arranged to a RMHC and had never met a resident before, so this was quite a nice surprise to everyone.

The troop was not aware of LaMiya's birthday was the next day, March 17th and wanted to give her a special birthday gift. After quick thinking, the troop came up with a solution, Jennifer Asiatico, Co-leader of Troop 9065 had purchased a crown from Medieval Times and that would be her special birthday gift. The group sang Happy Birthday to LaMiya and presented her with her special crown to make her princess for her special day. LaMiya was so very happy and she shared a story about her boyfriend and she even danced for us to a Justin Bieber song. When she finished her dance, it was time for us to leave. LaMiya made sure she hugged everyone in the group as we said our good-byes. Before we loaded into our vehicles, we gathered together and Tracey Brown, stated this is what Girl Scouts is all about and makes it so worthwhile. As the group drove away,  LaMiya came outside to wave a last good-bye.


What a great idea to combine a fun event with community service!  Your quick thinking gave LaMiya a birthday she will always remember!


Allyson, Annabelle, Angelina, Brennan, Claire, Erica, Hope, Josie, Kate, Katy, Madison, and Tyler, all of Troop 9327, love animals!  Under the guidance of their Troop Leader, Lisa Harden, the Junior Scouts chose this project as their Bronze Award project. The Brownie Scouts completed some parts of it as the Take Action Project for their Journey and to earn their Brownie Pets badge.   But mostly, they did this project to help the animals.

In a joint interview, the girls shared all the details.  Read on for their great ideas and activities.

What did you do? We went to orientation and were trained as Montgomery Humane Shelter Junior Volunteers club members. The first time we all volunteered at the Shelter we walked dogs, washed puppies, cleaned pet cages and litter boxes, and rolled newspaper. The second time we all volunteered we made vaccination kits for cats and rolled newspaper. We also volunteered in small groups and walked dogs. In meetings, we sewed cat toys in the shape of mice, baked dog treats, made fleece tied beds, made dog chew toys out of strips from old t-shirts, and make disposable litter boxes. We also made a poster explaining volunteering and what the shelter needs for donations. Some of our troop presented the poster at our school's honor society meeting. We paid for our supplies from our cookie sale proceeds. We also donated shredded paper, dog food, and other supplies.

When did this take place? We started this project in October of 2012 and finished in March of 2013.

Where did this happen? We volunteered at the Montgomery Humane Shelter, we made things at our regular Girl Scout meeting place, we baked dog treats in a kitchen, and we raised cookie proceeds at a booth sale.

Your Favorite Part of this Project?

We really liked making things for the animals, walking and bathing dogs, playing with cats, and making vaccination kits.


Congratulations to the girls of Troop 9327 -- you are truly Girl Scouts who make the world a better place! 



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