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Press Rep JaKayla and her Girl Scout Troop 9128 participated in the Sister to Sister - Helping Louisiana Flood Victims community service project.  Here is her report:

Recently I was privileged to be given the opportunity to assist in the Louisiana flood victim supply drive hosted by our Girl Scouts.

As we loaded the truck for our items to be delivered, It really saddened me that the flood victims of Louisiana have had to endure such catastrophic events not one time but a second time within a few years. I know that this will be difficult for them but I also understand that this will make them stronger individuals. 

This experience has taught me that communities are families, they are key factors in the success of building up those who are weak or those who have fallen. I must say that those cases of bottled water were really heavy, though. I was a little flushed; honestly, I was really tired after the supply/food drive, but the great feeling that I had after helping load the trailer and drinking the vanilla bean cotton candy frappe' that my mom gave me was unexplainable. Honestly, it was a great feeling and also rewarding.

Along with our city leaders, civil service people, and other governing bodies, we Girl Scouts have a lot of work to do. Let's get busy and be proactive in our community. 

Last but not least, I hope that our donations will give them a sense of hope, love, and comfort in knowing that the Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama really cares. 

Thanks A lot-Jakayla 
Signing Out From Troop 9128 



For the past two years, some of the Cadettes in my troop (9327) and I have been babysitters for the Army!  

The Soldier and Family Assistance Program for Montgomery's Recruiting Battalion has an Annual Training Meeting Banquet at Maxwell Air Force Base. This year it was on June 3, 2016.  

Several of the Cadettes in my troop and I earned our Babysitting badge at the Badge Day put on by the Kappa Deltas at Troy University.  We used what we learned earning our badge while we babysat the children of the Army officers who attended the training banquet.  We watched some really young kids who were still in diapers and also some older kids who wanted to play board games and Twister.  

We were glad to help the Army in this way, and had fun too.

-- Press Rep Claire

8363_Bronze_Award.jpgThe 5th Grade Juniors of Girl Scout Troop 8363 completed their Bronze Award on Tuesday, March 22, 2016.  

For their Bronze Award Project, they delivered 50 personalized Easter Buckets to the children of St. Mary's Home in Mobile.  The girls met, collected donations, and assembled the buckets over a 2 month period of time.  They involved their schools, churches, and community in this effort and received cash and other donations through events such as school out of uniform days, "Quesadillas for Quarters", and a bake sale.

Each bucket was personalized with the child's name in white vinyl letters and included a journal, pens and pencils, soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, lotions, lip balm, combs, brushes, toy airplanes, chocolate Easter candy, nail polish, hair accessories, and, of course, a box of Girl Scout Cookies!  In addition, the girls hand made pillows from donated bright yellow fleece scarves and laminated Easter Cross bookmarks to accompany the journals.   

It was a wonderful experience!

Joy to Life Survivor's Friendship Bracelet - more advanced

This bracelet makes a bold statement of support for the survivors of breast cancer.  It will take some time to follow the directions, but this beautiful bracelet is worth the effort put in!


Follow the links below to learn how to make this bracelet. 

*Adults should be responsible for following the links.*


Joy to Life Survivor's Friendship Bracelets - Intermediate

Once you get the hang of the knots on these bracelets, you'll be flying through them!  The below bracelet tutorials are good for girls who can follow instructions to begin with and then complete the bracelet without any more help.  *Adults should be responsible for following the website links*

Supplies Needed:

Embroidery thread of many different colors


Means of holding the end of the bracelet down (such as tape, a safety pin or even a clip board)


*Adults should be responsible for following the links.*

Summer Camp Chevron -

A beautiful weave that is easy to get the hang of once you get the basics down.



The Fishtail -

Similar to the chevron, you can make it as colorful as you like!



The Traditional -

The Traditional Friendship bracelet is similar to the chevron and can be as thick or as thin as you like!


Joy to Life Survivor's Friendship Bracelets - Easy

Below are three suggested friendship bracelets that are great for beginners.  Each bracelet incorporates one repetitive knot that creates a colorful and funky fashion statement.  Take a look at the links to the online tutorials, gather your supplies, and get the girls started!  As always, this isn't about perfection, it is about learning a new skill and helping out a cause! *Adults should be responsible for following the website links*

Supplies Needed:

Embroidery floss of many different colors (or wax linen cord if you prefer for The Braided Bead)

8/o seed beads for the Braided Bead


Means of holding the end of the bracelet down (such as tape, a safety pin or even a clip board)

 *Adults should be responsible for following the links.*

The Simple Braid -

The Simple Braid friendship bracelet is a great for beginners.


The Braided Bead -

The Braided Bead bracelet is just a simple braid with small seed beads added to the outside strands.  This one you can do with embroidery floss or wax linen cord.


The Knotted -

The Knotted is easy and repetitive, and you can get creative in the color sequences!


Troop Leader Karla Bishop explains the project: 

We put a letter to our neighbors explaining our project and purpose (raising awareness for Shaken Baby Syndrome) on a paper bag along with a flyer so they could educate themselves and others and asked them to fill the bag with brand-new baby items. We set out 200 bags. We went back the next week and collected 40 bags filled with items such as diapers, wipes, pacifiers, clothing and socks, booties, toys, personal care items and more! 

We then sorted through all the items and decided what else we needed to buy. With cookie money, I purchased 100 polyester baby bags, along with baby books, blankets, and travel size Johnson and Johnson care kits to fill the rest of the bags. A kind person whose great-niece recently died of shaken baby syndrome delivered a bag of hand-knitted purple beanie hats and another mom in our troop knitted some as well (purple is the chosen color for Shaken Baby Syndrome awareness). 
We kept out some money to give each of the girls cash to shop for baby items of their choice at Target (and I stood at the register to collect all change). This awesome mall trip also allowed us to complete our Savvy Shopper badge. 

The girls sorted through all final items, stuffed the bags, folded the letters and fliers to put into the bags and tagged them all either boy, girl or neutral. We then took 50 of the bags to Springhill Medical Center (where a wonderful nurse told the girls how many lives they could potentially have saved by doing this project) and took the other 50 to USA Women's and Children's hospital. 
 I am glad they all learned about Shaken Baby Syndrome but I suspect they also learned how you can make a tremendous impact in the world no matter what age you are. They really enjoyed this project. 
Were Girl Scouts around in 1776?  Well, no (but imagine the uniforms they might have worn!), but there IS a long history of Girl Scouts supporting America's troops and showing support for their country.  Right from the beginning of the Girl Scout movement in America, girls rolled bandages for soldiers during World War I.  During World War II, Girl Scouts knit socks for soldiers, planted victory gardens and even sold war bonds!


This tradition of service to our armed forces continues.  Throughout recent wars and current conflicts, Girl Scouts make handmade valentines, write cards, and send care packages (with delicious cookies!) to our servicemen and women.  They deliver our troops the uplifting message that Girl Scouts hold them in their thoughts and prayers, especially on this most important day. 


Throughout the year, Girl Scouts show their patriotism in many ways -- by participating in flag retirement ceremonies; marching in Veteran's Day parades; participating in Memorial Day ceremonies and placing flags at local cemeteries.


The service projects that are an important part of the Girl Scout experience are patriotic, too.  Not only in the immediate benefit to the community: the skills they learn prepare our girls as leaders in the communities we hold dear, in this country we all love.


Enjoy your Independence Day! 
When bad things happen, Girl Scouts always want to help -- especially their sister Girl Scouts.  But what is the best way to go about helping?
GSUSA has provided a document that will help you make informed decisions about:
  • Ways to help disaster survivors

  • Planning for disasters in our own communities

  • Thinking big about preventing future disasters.


Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors from Troops 9065, 9261 and 9305 travelled to Atlanta, GA on March 16th to enjoy Medieval Times Scout Day. But that wasn't the only reason they travelled to Atlanta. After Medieval Times the group had planned a visit to one of the local Ronald McDonald Houses. The three troops collected pop can tabs and items from the RMHC wishlist and created several baskets to donate to the organization. As part of their Care to Share donation, the troops also donated 2 cases of cookies.

Upon arrival at the house, the group was greeted by Ms. Mary Beth.  Ms. Mary Beth provided information and a tour of the facility. She also provided the group a special meeting with a very special person, an 8-year-old girl named LaMiya. LaMiya, her mother and baby sister were residents. Ms. Mary Beth said she told LaMiya of our visit and that she couldn't wait to meet us, but we were not aware of meeting LaMiya.  After hearing her story, there was not one dry eye in the group. We were moved by LaMiya's big smile and the brightness of her big brown eyes. Tracey Brown, Co-leader of Troop 9065 said this was her 3rd trip she had arranged to a RMHC and had never met a resident before, so this was quite a nice surprise to everyone.

The troop was not aware of LaMiya's birthday was the next day, March 17th and wanted to give her a special birthday gift. After quick thinking, the troop came up with a solution, Jennifer Asiatico, Co-leader of Troop 9065 had purchased a crown from Medieval Times and that would be her special birthday gift. The group sang Happy Birthday to LaMiya and presented her with her special crown to make her princess for her special day. LaMiya was so very happy and she shared a story about her boyfriend and she even danced for us to a Justin Bieber song. When she finished her dance, it was time for us to leave. LaMiya made sure she hugged everyone in the group as we said our good-byes. Before we loaded into our vehicles, we gathered together and Tracey Brown, stated this is what Girl Scouts is all about and makes it so worthwhile. As the group drove away,  LaMiya came outside to wave a last good-bye.


What a great idea to combine a fun event with community service!  Your quick thinking gave LaMiya a birthday she will always remember!



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