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Lisa and Sophie, of Troop 7098, earned their Silver Awards. Their project was making and installing 40 plant posts that will be used to identify plants at the Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve in Auburn. We are extremely proud of these two girls who designed, got the material donations, built and installed the posts, which are a wonderful addition to the facility.

We interviewed Lisa and Sophie about their project:

How did you come up with your idea?  

Sophie: I told Lisa about working at the summer camp they do there every year and we both thought it would be fun to do a project there, so we contacted Mrs. Jen Lolly and started our project.


Lisa:I started eliminating things I didn't want to do and I came across the Forest Ecology Preserve.

Were you intimidated by the scale of the project? 

Sophie:  A little bit. At first you do not think that 50 hours of work is that much, but after working for what seems like a very long time and you relieze that you have only added up to 10 hours it starts to get intimidating.


Lisa:A little bit. I knew I had the rest of the year. We broke it up into different steps and just went through them one at a time.


 How did you keep up the momentum for the project? 

Sophie: Just the thought of what it would be when we are done :)


Were you ever discouraged? 

Sophie:  Just a tiny bit towards the end. When we still had a lot of hours to fill in and not much time to do so.

Lisa:A little bit at the end because we had to start thinking of deadlines.


What did you do to overcome that?

Sophie: We started working longer and harder

Lisa:I just remembered that it was almost over.


How will people benefit from this?  

Sophie: People will be able to identify plants easier, maybe to the point to where they are as familiar with the plants as with the McDonalds sign!


Lisa:  People will benefit from these because they will have the information right then and there without having to do much more then look at the sign.


How did you feel after you finished?

Sophie: It felt great that we had done such a huge project that the community would benefit from.


Lisa:  It felt like a job well done and I could take a break.

Thanks, Lisa and Sophie, for sharing your process with us!

Do you have a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award story that you would like to share?  We especially want to hear what girls have to say about their award process.  Please contact  We would love to feature it on our Girl Blog!

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Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama is on a hunt to find a new name for
our quarterly newsletter, formerly known as SWAPS. The new
sletter is intended for our sponsors, volunteers, and Girl Scouts, so they can be in the know about what the GSSA is doing in the community!

We are asking that Girl Scouts submit one idea of a name by February 28 to be judged by our panel. The winner of the contest will get a $25 gift certificate to our Girl Scout shop. Good luck!

(1) One submission per girl.
(2) Tie the name into an aspect of Girl Scouting.
Examples: other councils use for their newsletters are "Girlfriends" and "The Promise." (Please do not submit those examples)

(3) Submission needs to be in by February 28.
Please send all submissions to, include contact name, phone number, troop number and the idea name. 


Simone is a Girl Scout Junior in Troop 9151 and is excited about earning money to go on a troop trip with her friends by selling cookies. She feels that going on trips with a group of her friends would not be possible if she did not sell cookies. Simone says, "When you sell cookies, you get to tell people what you think. It gives you courage to ask questions and be out with other people."

Simone has set a cookie goal of 2,000 boxes which will earn her the pearl pendant necklace that she admires. She didn't meet her 2,000 boxes goal last year. But says she wants to challenge herself again this year because "you never know what you can do until you do it."

Simone loves earning patches and says that girls should appreciate their patches. This year, she wants to supply cookies to military troops by earning the Cookie Share patch saying, "It's a good thing for the world because when you are nice the niceness spreads."

The results are in!  These Girl Scouts each sold over $800 in Fall product (in some cases, much more) and have earned Program Credits.  

Program credits can be used within GSSA for Summer Resident Camp, event fees, and shop purchases.  It can also be used for approved Destinations and Girl Scout National Membership Dues.

Congratulations to Hannah J. of Troop 7220, Silver W. of Troop 9418, BriAnna B. of Troop 9210, Janna D. of Troop 8015, and Sydney G. of Troop 9395.




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