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destinations.gifA destination is your chance to go somewhere new, do something different, and meet people from everywhere you can imagine.  The deadline to apply is fast approaching!  At the Studio2B website, you'll find:

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Contact:  Applications should be sent to Mary Anne Brutkiewicz in the Mobile Service Center (3483 Springhill Avenue, Mobile, 36608)

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SuChin Pak shares a "behind the scenes" look at the filming of the Uniquely Me campaign.  Take a look at the photoshoot and hear SuChin share her thoughts on girls changing the world.  Join SuChin at to learn more and play fun games!

Hi!   I'm Erica, and over the week-end, I went on a camping trip! It was a lot of fun, and I'm really happy I got to go.   I'm a Juliette, which means I'm a Girl Scout, but I don't have a troop.   That's why I think it was really nice of the troop I went with to invite me.

The camp we went to was Kamp Kiwanis.   It's a really nice camp on a large, beautiful, perfectly blue lake.   We stayed in three white cabins, and they even had electricity!   It had tetherball, an archery range, and a swimming hole!

After we unpacked and ate lunch, we put on our life jackets.   We were going to ride on a yellow and red banana boat, which is a float that's connected to a boat.   I could see why it's called a banana boat because it's shaped like a banana!   On the first ride, I rode in back.   The water was freezing, and by the time we started speeding up, I was shivering!   Eventually, I got used to the temperature and it felt really warm.   The banana boat turned out to be more exciting, fun, and exhilarating than I thought it would be!   We would bounce up and down on it, lean to the sides, and wave to the people we saw.   I fell off the side once, but I pulled myself back on.   We switched people after a while, and I was still riding in back.   Once, when we were leaning, the whole banana boat tipped over!   We all fell in the lake, laughing really hard.   We got back on it, but it wasn't long before one of my friends fell off!   After that, we just slid off.   Only one person stayed on!   We switched people a second time, and this time I was riding in front.   It's bouncier in the front, and I got bounced off!   I was giggling the entire time.   Everyone else thought it was funny, too.   We went around the lake a little more, but we had to turn back because we ran low on gas.

When we came back we were really hungry.   That was good, because it was already time for dinner!   We had tacos, beans, rice, and chips and salsa.   It was all incredibly good!   After dinner, we played cards.   They taught me how to play a game I had never learned before, but I've already forgotten it!   We also made some cool bracelets and played with clay.   We went to bed a little early, exhausted from the day.   The next day, we had some pancakes and went home.   It was extremely fun the entire time, and I'll never forget it!

--Press Rep Erica


Hi everyone! Service Unit 807 from North Mobile county held its annual Camporee this past weekend at Scoutshire Woods. My troop planned and organized the whole event. It was awesome! Our theme was "Wild West Weekend."  We opened Friday night with a barn dance where we learned square dancing and line dancing. Saturday we enjoyed canoeing, archery, and horseback riding. We also had a "Lost Gold Mine" treasure hunt, and a terrific barbeque dinner!

Since all the girls in my troop will graduate from high school this year, this was our last camporee, so we wanted to make it a good one. It was a lot of work, but seeing all the little (and big) smiling faces made it all worthwhile. Over 120 girls and adults attended, and everyone agreed it was the best camporee ever!

Here are the girls from Junior Troop 8309 enjoying Camporee!Thumbnail image for DSC_3882.jpg

--Leah, Ambassador Troop 8495


I am a Cadette Girl Scout in a troop of six of my closest friends, led by my mom. We have meetings once a month on a Friday and we do the craziest things.

About three weeks ago we had a meeting, and did a scavenger hunt at 10:00 at night. We split into groups of 3 (one of the girls had to leave early) and took off, armed with our cell phones, ready to take pictures. One of the groups found a green truck and walked up the houses driveway to take a picture. I was in the other group and we were rounding the curve coming on to that street. Suddenly, a cop car pulled up and put its lights on. They exited the car and walked up to the group. My group took off running and when we got there, the police officers were questioning the girls about whether they had been stealing door knobs or vandalizing other people's property. We explained to them we were Girl Scouts on a scavenger hunt and they told us that from now on, we should take pictures from the street.

We all started walking back towards our house. My friend and I decided to race back home. We got back and told my mom about the police officers. We waited, and waited, and waited. About eight minutes later we walked onto the porch and yelled, "You guys, are you coming?" As they walked into the light they were giggling hysterically. One girl was on the phone. I said, "What happened?" They told the story through bursts of laughter. A car had passed by full of Theodore kids coming home from the football game. They had thrown eggs out of the window of the car as they passed by. My mom said, "Well who is on the phone then?" They said it was the police and they had given my address.

When the car pulled up and the policemen walked up, you wouldn't have believed our surprise. It was the same men we had talked to earlier that night. They listened to our story as we tried to talk over each other. Then the car sped by and we pointed and said, "That's them! That's them!" They ran to the car and said they would be back. They never came back, some of the girls think that they caught the guys, but I think they just thought we were crazy.

-- Press Rep Elisabeth

 Girl Scouts helped SuChin Pak make the Uniquely Me PSAs (Public Service Announcements).  Watch them as they are part of this great program for girls!

Join SuChin Pak at to learn more.

Troop 9349 from Enterprise, Alabama spent months making quilts to present to Ft. Ruckers soldiers who have served overseas as part of their Bronze/Silver Award Projects.  Working with a local quilt shop, they learned sewing and quilting skills, had lots of fun, and took pride in creating a project from planning to completion.  They were part of a special ceremony to present quilts to the soldiers -- one of whom was the father of one of the quilting Girl Scouts!

They were even featured on local television.  Here is the link to the broadcast.  Check it out!

Go Girls Only!


gorgirlsonlyscreencap.gifDo you like to play games?  Do you like to write poetry?  Do you want to know what girls are up to all over the world?

Go Girls Only is a fun and exciting web site for girls 5-12 created by Girl Scouts of the USA.  This site is a safe place for girls to play games, take quizzes, ask questions, share their favorite stories, write poetry, review books, or send e-cards to friends and family.

It's fun and a great place to hang. It's so good, we keep a link over in the left sidebar of this blog! Check it out at You'll like it!

Girls can change the way they look...but how much better it would be if we change the way the world looks at girls!  Join SuChin Pak at to learn more.




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