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Would Daisy have ever dreamed that Girl Scouts would meet at our nation's capital to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting?

In June, I went to Washington D.C. with Girl Scouts for the National Sing-Along. The trip up was so much fun. I made new friends and got to see old ones. As soon as we were in D.C., we went to the Arlington National Cemetery. One thing I will never forget is President Kennedy's grave because he has an eternal flame over him. I'm glad we were there for a week because we got to see all the memorials. I got to go to Ford's Theater where Lincoln was shot and to the house across the street where he died. Lincoln is the only president that continues to this day to have books written about him. Dinner that night was at The Hard Rock Café. It was so much fun! Girl Scouts were able to dance in front of everyone.

At Girl Scouts Rock the Mall it was very hot but it did not stop people from singing and dancing. You don't know how many Girl Scouts there are until you see so many of them are in one city. After we left Mall, we went across the street to take pictures in front of The White House. If you turn around you can take a picture and make it look like you are holding up The Washington Monument. Every day when we got to the hotel we had no trouble sleeping.

I loved this trip and would love to do it again!


Hi! I'm Press Rep Tori. I went to Washington, D. C.  for Rock the Mall. 

It was not really a mall, even though it is spelled the same way. It's really just a bunch of famous museums.   It was at the Washington Monument and I got to meet Girl Scouts from all over the world and I mean, ALL over the world.  I got to meet a Girl Scout from Canada and from Great Britain.  Everywhere we stopped we had Girl Scouts asking to trade swaps and I got a lot of them! 

We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe for a Girl Scout breakfast and it was really good.  My mom and I wanted to meet the girls from "So Random!" (they are movie stars) at one of the booths.  They were signing autographs but we didn't stop because it was SOOOO hot. We also wanted to do a DOVE commercial but we didn't because it was so hot and so crowded. It was so crowded it was hard to move. 

I still think it was really cool that I got to see 100 years of Girl Scouting from all over the world! Just seeing the Girl Scouts made me proud to be one myself!


Press Rep Ann Claire interviews longtime Camp Scoutshire Woods Director, "Woody", in this short video. 

Woody's 40+ years with Girl Scouts gives her a unique perspective to answer the question "what can a cookie do?"

Click here or on the image at right to view this video on our GSSA Facebook page. 


We need a T-shirt design for our Thin Mint Sprint 5K and Fun Run on August 25 in Lee County and would like to have a girl create the design for the front of the shirt.

So get out your crayons, markers, colored pencils, and Sharpies and show us how creative you can get!   All entries will be considered, and the final decision will be put to a vote by our members. 

The winner will receive a T-shirt with their design on it and $10 council credit for the shop or an event fee. And, if you are at the race, you will see all those runners with YOUR design!

Here's the entry form -- have fun!



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