From Savannah to the World: Press Rep Susan Sees the Future of Girl Scouting


In the past 100 years, Girl Scouts have changed a lot. We've gone from just one troop in Savannah, Georgia to thousands all over the world. The cookies we sell are no longer homemade, but are produced in factories by the thousands. We've developed badge books, uniforms and even different gestures like the Girl Scout handshake.

In the next 100 years, Girl Scouts could change even more. The uniforms could change and new badges could be created. Although, what I'd enjoy would be healthier cookies. Girl Scout cookie sales are vital in keeping our program going. It is one of our main fundraisers and raises a lot of money.

Many people have reasons to turn us down though. Some common ones are, "I've already bought some." And, "I've got food allergies." We always politely thank them and move on. One of the most common excuses is, "I'm on a diet." In the next 100 years, it would be cool that cookies are just as tasty, but also even healthier. That way people can enjoy some of their favorite cookies and not have to worry about their diet. That could also help bring extra funds to Girl Scouts. How do you think Girl Scouts will change over the next 100 years?



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