Press Rep Tori Reveals the Future for Girl Scouting


100 years from now, Girl Scouts will have new uniforms. There will be new patches to be earned every single day! Girl Scouts will be texting instead of using tables for cookie booth and will be learning more about the earth. Girl Scouts will not be going to meetings, they will be video chatting instead. We will be doing more with computers and electronics.  One hundred years from now, we will be able to visit our sisters in other countries by video chatting or in a machine to transport us there in a short amount of time.

The names of the groups will change.  Daisies will be "Girl Scout Minis", Brownies will be called "The Learners", Juniors will be called "Helping Hands," Cadettes will be "Explorers" and the Ambassadors will probably stay Ambassadors.

We will use the transporting machine to camp and go around the world to camp instead of close by.  I think that we will probably have digital bags we are required to bring to each meeting.  These bags will keep all of our stuff in it but shrink the stuff inside so we can put them in our pockets. One hundred years from now we will probably have troop meetings on the moon and other planets.  And, we will be discovering new life like scientists. Girl scouts will be trying to invent new things and will be learning how to make old-timey things like quilts and sewing clothes.

One hundred years from now Girl Scouts will do more history, math and spelling! Because the Girl Scouts will always keep learning.   



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