Press Rep Ann Claire Knows Girl Scouts are Ready for the Next 100 Years.


Time passes steadily, regardless of whether or not you're paying attention. Society evolves, affecting young men and women everywhere. A century ago, at Girl Scouting's inception, skirt lengths brushed the floor and women were forced to adhere to strict gender roles. Juliet Gordon Low called for young girls to challenge the stereotypes placed upon them, and seek personal augmentation by improving their courage, confidence, and character. The newfound availability for girls to aspire to a different future has strengthened throughout the last one hundred years. As fashions changed and social boundaries re-arranged, Girl Scouting evolved to accommodate the divergent times. The dedication of our leaders has allowed for social, physical and mental empowerment of young women that might never have been accomplished otherwise. Girls today can build fires like hikers of days gone by, while at the same time helping to design a spaceship of the future. The wrinkles, we as an organization have gathered through the years, prepare us for future successes. In the next one hundred years, we will only improve. Our discoveries will light the younger generations to further discoveries. The domino effect instigated by courageous women today will result in more confident, wise young girls. As time advances, so will our world. And, if the last century has been any indication, future girl scouts are more than ready to accept the challenges 2112 will bring. 



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