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I also enjoyed participating in opening the Alabama House of Representative session on April 5th by leading the pledge. I also enjoyed getting to meet the Speaker of the House, Senate Pro Temp, members of Honorary Girl Scout Troop 1912 (the year Girl Scouts was found in the U.S.) and members of the North Central and Southern Alabama Girl Scout Boards. After Susan and I opened with the pledge, Rep. Terri Collins, one of the members of Honorary Girl Scout Troop 1912, announced a proclamation recognizing the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts. She talked about the history and future of Girl Scouting and presented Susan and me  with a certificate of appreciation for leading the pledge.

Afterward, we went upstairs for a cookie reception. An area was set up with cookies, milk and coffee. The area was also Girl Scout information, pictures of Girl Scouts from different time periods and freebies like pencils and fans with the Girl Scout 100th Anniversary emblem on them

A reporter from WSFA interviewed Susan, me and some Girl Scouts from North Central Alabama Council. He asked me about what Girl Scouts do, what it teaches us and how it can be used in the future. I didn't get to see the interview on T.V. but a couple people told my mom they saw it and we did a good job


Time passes steadily, regardless of whether or not you're paying attention. Society evolves, affecting young men and women everywhere. A century ago, at Girl Scouting's inception, skirt lengths brushed the floor and women were forced to adhere to strict gender roles. Juliet Gordon Low called for young girls to challenge the stereotypes placed upon them, and seek personal augmentation by improving their courage, confidence, and character. The newfound availability for girls to aspire to a different future has strengthened throughout the last one hundred years. As fashions changed and social boundaries re-arranged, Girl Scouting evolved to accommodate the divergent times. The dedication of our leaders has allowed for social, physical and mental empowerment of young women that might never have been accomplished otherwise. Girls today can build fires like hikers of days gone by, while at the same time helping to design a spaceship of the future. The wrinkles, we as an organization have gathered through the years, prepare us for future successes. In the next one hundred years, we will only improve. Our discoveries will light the younger generations to further discoveries. The domino effect instigated by courageous women today will result in more confident, wise young girls. As time advances, so will our world. And, if the last century has been any indication, future girl scouts are more than ready to accept the challenges 2112 will bring. 

Susan-new.jpgMy morning at the State House of Representatives was fun and busy. From the second my mom and I walked through the doors, we were whisked from room to room. In the first room, Press Rep Aliyah and I were greeted by he Speaker of the House, Mike Hubbard. While there, we posed for pictures and afterward he gave us a Speaker of the House coin. I thought that was really neat.

Next, Aliyah and I were led into another room where we posed for pictures with Representative Victor Gaston, Speaker Pro Tempore. We also posed for pictures with Trish Coghlan, CEO of Girl Scouts of North Central Alabama, and Marian Loftin, Girl Scout board member. I wasn't bothered by the picture-taking at all. My mom takes her camera everywhere we go. I've gotten used to it by now.

After all of the pictures were taken, our parents went upstairs to the gallery and Aliyah and I were led onto the floor of the House of Representatives. We waited for a little while and then we were introduced and we led the House of Representatives in The Pledge of Allegiance.

When we exited the floor we were given a Certificate of Appreciation from The State of Alabama House of Representatives. We went upstairs afterward to where a table had been set up with cookies and Girl Scout information. We talked with a few representatives and were interviewed later by a WSFA reporter. The bright light on top of the camera was nerve-racking.

Overall, my visit at The Alabama House of Representatives was busy and fun. Aliyah and I did many different things and met a lot of new people.

Girl Scouts have come a long ways.  The uniforms have changed many times.  The badges have changed along with the interest of girls through the years. The activities offered to girls have also changed over the years.   Those in charge of organizing Girl Scouts have tried to keep the program new and up to date with what's going on with girls.

I'm not sure what Girl Scouts will be like in 100 years.  If I'm living, I will be 114 years old.  I guess my grandchildren will have the chance to enjoy Girl Scouting that still offers the same things and lessons that I am taught through the Girl Scout Promise and Law. 

The activities will probably use more technology and things of the future.  Your badges will probably be displayed on your electronic devices instead of your vest or sash.   Women will be working in areas now thought to be meant for men and playing sports thought to be for men.  Since being a women is no longer a big issue, Girl Scouts will expand their members and change their name and become an organization for girls and boys like the guides in some of the other countries.  After all the changes, things like service, honesty and fairness will still be important to the organization.


100 years from now, Girl Scouts will have new uniforms. There will be new patches to be earned every single day! Girl Scouts will be texting instead of using tables for cookie booth and will be learning more about the earth. Girl Scouts will not be going to meetings, they will be video chatting instead. We will be doing more with computers and electronics.  One hundred years from now, we will be able to visit our sisters in other countries by video chatting or in a machine to transport us there in a short amount of time.

The names of the groups will change.  Daisies will be "Girl Scout Minis", Brownies will be called "The Learners", Juniors will be called "Helping Hands," Cadettes will be "Explorers" and the Ambassadors will probably stay Ambassadors.

We will use the transporting machine to camp and go around the world to camp instead of close by.  I think that we will probably have digital bags we are required to bring to each meeting.  These bags will keep all of our stuff in it but shrink the stuff inside so we can put them in our pockets. One hundred years from now we will probably have troop meetings on the moon and other planets.  And, we will be discovering new life like scientists. Girl scouts will be trying to invent new things and will be learning how to make old-timey things like quilts and sewing clothes.

One hundred years from now Girl Scouts will do more history, math and spelling! Because the Girl Scouts will always keep learning.   



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