Press Rep Kimberly Tells the Best Part of Cookie Sales


Cookie sales are a good way to give young girls the foundation to be outgoing and wonderful sales persons. It gave me confidence because it pushed me to go up to people and ask if they wanted to buy my product. Now that I am 11 (almost 12) I am very outgoing. Also, I find it fun to yell out "Girl Scout cookies for sale!".

Spending time with friends at cookie booths is always a blast, but my favorite part is that it helps out a charity with the donations that we receive. Our Troop for example, Troop 9192, is donating to our Senior Center. So it proves to those very few who think that Girl Scouts don't really help out our community like we say, that we really do help our community. How many kids can say that they have been a tremendous help to the community? A few, but Girl Scouts do it all of the time!



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