Press Rep Katelyn Previews the Next Hundred Years


In the next hundred years I believe that Girl Scouts will be doing incredible things. In the last hundred years Girl Scouts have done many things. Girls within the next hundred years may be learning how to do things we girls now wouldn't know how to do, such as figuring out how to change fumes into fresh air. Now girls are learning how to take a little from your community and give a lot back. Also girls are learning how to leave a place better than you found it.  In my troop we have been learning why it is so important to love your fellow Girl Scout sisters and to make new friends all the time. 

I believe in the next hundred years Girl Scouts would gain more and more girls that care about the planet and want to make the world a better place. Girl Scouts in the next hundred years will have become stronger together than ever have before. Also I believe that Girl Scouts will set better examples for the children of America. A good way is to reach out to the world and to explore what it gives you in return. Remember to make new friends but keep the old ones.



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