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Over the span of ten years being a Girl Scout, I have many special memories dedicated to selling and of course eating Girl Scout cookies! 

My all-time favorite cookies are the Peanut Butter Patties. My reason being, not only because of its soft chocolaty outside and its peanut butter covered crispy vanilla cookie on the inside, but also the experiences associated with this one cookie. The first campouts with my troop, our cookie selling booths at the flea market,  the fun nights associated to "trying the products" with Mrs. Libby's delicious pink lemonade to find our favorites during our meetings, and the telling of my experiences to younger girls now that I am a senior. 

Ever since the 1930's when the first cookies were sold, Girl Scouts across the world can now take pride, leadership, and dedication not just to win a cool beach towel or an MP3 player but to spread the happiness and joy of being a Girl Scout through a small box of scrumptious Peanut Butter Patties.


Hi! My name is Susan. I'm a Cadette Girl Scout in Troop 9204. Last summer, my troop went on a big trip to Atlanta, Georgia with our cookie money. Earlier last year, we voted on what we would do with the cookie money. Would we give our share of the money to the council and bring home cool prizes, or would we keep our share and go on a big trip? We voted to go on a trip.

At the beginning of summer vacation, my mom and I woke up early one morning. We got dressed and packed our bags. We were ready to go to Atlanta, Georgia. My troop met up in a church parking lot where we sorted out who would ride in what vehicle. After that, we drove to our destination.

Once we arrived, we all went to Subway and bought ourselves a sandwich. Then, we went to Stone Mountain. It was so cool! We climbed all the way to the top. The view was amazing! You could see downtown Atlanta from there! We all climbed back down the way we came up and ate dinner on the grass in front of the mountain. Once it got dark, we got to watch a cool laser show on the side of the mountain.

By then it was late, so after the show we drove to the hotel, checked in, and fell right asleep. The next day, we checked out and went to The World of Coca-Cola. We had a great time! We even got to try foreign sodas! Afterwards, we walked to the Georgia Aquarium. I loved the beluga whales!

Finally, we finished our trip off with a walk through Centennial Park, and ate lunch at the CNN center. Overall, I had a fun time on our trip. I hope my troop can sell a lot of cookies this year so we can go on another fun trip!



To commemorate the 100 Anniversary, Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama invites troops to make a quilt block that illustrates a special activity (ex. service project) or Girl Scout heritage.The quilt blocks will be used to make as many queen-size quilts as possible.They will be displayed at Council events during the Centennial Celebration.

Please follow the guidelines listed below.

  • 9 ½ X 9 ½ block of bleached muslin (available at fabric shops)
  • Leave ¼ inch border on all sides for seams
  • Please use a suitable medium in making the quilt block (no glue-on items such as sequins, glitter, foam cut-outs, pom-poms, buttons, religious symbols, etc.)
  • Include $5.00 to defray the cost of having the blocks quilted

Please send the quilt block to: Gloria Burton

                                              145 Coliseum Blvd.

                                              Montgomery, AL 36109-2707

If you have questions, please call Gloria at 334-272-9164 (Montgomery Office) or 334-462-9631.  


Hi! It's Tori! I'm going to talk about Girl Scout cookies.  What's your favorite? My favorite is the Thin Mint! I like Thin Mints because they're so minty and chocolaty.  


The cookies are easy to sell. They are only $3.50 a box! The money we earn from selling cookies goes to Girl Scouts so that we can do fun stuff.  Some of the fun things we did with cookie money was we went to Camp Dixie and Camp Scoutshire Woods.  


The reason I like selling cookies is the cookie booths.  My mom and dad dress up in a cookie costume and lots of people think they are Spongebob because the costume is yellow.  Sometimes, I have to wear the cookie at the booth. 


The real reason the cookies are easy to sell is because no one can resist a cute Girl Scout.  Cookie sales are important because they taste good and the money helps all Girl Scouts. 

Cookie season planning starts very, very early!  Our baker is working on the 2013 cookie season  -- and the mascot is a


Should she be named Azul, Blu, Daphne, Dottie, Dylan, Fin, Grace, Sunni or Squirt?

Just visit abcsmartcookies.com, click on GIRLS, your age-level, and then on "Cast Your Vote" in the upper right corner to vote for your favorite 12/13 mascot name! 

The poll will be open until Friday, January 27th so vote now! 

Hi, my name is Brittany. I took a trip to Ponytails Camp. The first day, I unpacked then I met the people who were in my cabin. The next day, we saw the horses and they were pretty. Their names were Country, April, Sam, Centry, and Boogie. 


I had a fun time at resident camp, but I also had a lot of fun at Camporee. It was cold at camp while I was there, but we did a bunch of cool stuff.  We did a scavenger hunt, and a few things went wrong but it was ok! At the end of the scavenger hunt we had some patches. It was awesome. Go Girl Scouts!



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