A Brownie Press Rep's View on the 100th Anniversary Celebration


Hi! I'm Tori and I'm a Brownie. Guess what? For the 100th year of Girl Scouts, I got the chance to go to the Museum of Art in Mobile. There were lots of girls! We watched a movie called "Juliette Gordon Lowe's Life." It was so cool and I learned a lot about our founder. Did you know she was deaf? She became deaf from rice getting in her ear. Back then, people would throw rice for good luck on their wedding day. Some rice got stuck in her ear and when she had surgery to get it removed, it made a hole in her eardrum and she was deaf. She said "Just because I am deaf, I will not let it stop me." My daddy is deaf and nothing stops him either!

Juliette Gordon Low founded the Girl Scouts! She died from breast cancer and she was buried in her Girl Scout uniform. She loved Girl Scouts! Her birthday is October 31st, so we celebrated by singing happy birthday to her and eating cupcakes. It was so fun!

We made paintings of birds and got to hear a famous mayor speak to us. We also walked across a big, long bridge to get to the new century. We had a great time and got to make lots of new friends and learn new songs. I will never forget the fun time I had today! Happy Birthday Juliette Gordon Low!



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