National Thank You Day for First Responders - A Fun Troop Project!

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thankyoudaysign.jpgGirl Scout Troop Leader Kelly Clark was rescued by first responders after a bad car accident.  In her gratitude she created National Thank You Day.  Here is the information she shared with us:

May 19 has been set aside as "National Thank You Day" for our First  Responders -  Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Technicians and Hospital Emergency Room personnel.  We need to thank them for protecting us and saving lives.

Let's make it a memorable day again!  One of the ways that troops can help with this fantastic service project, is to have the whole troop create personal thank you cards and then personally deliver those cards to local Police Departments, Fire Departments and hospital Emergency Rooms on May 19.  There are many more ideas at

Girl Scouts l create personal thank you cards!  They just need to say "Thank You for ALL You Do!" or any other phrase that seems appropriate to your troop.  Some might say "Thank You for saving my puppy" or "Thank You for catching bad guys" or something personal like that.  Let's just create stacks of personal thank you cards!

Make the cards and then your troop/group can deliver them to whichever department they choose.  It is an easy project  and would mean so, so much to those that receive the cards!    

Please see the links below for more information and ideas.  Also see the Youtube link to see many Girl Scouts delivering Thank You's!  You and your troop could be in the next video!

Kelly Avery Clark
SU 411/412
Troop 42272 & 42647
May 19th - National Thank You Day
      Look for National Thank You Day Group on facebook


I've already commented earlier on Kelly's blog, but I thought I'd reiterate here:

While I applaud your initiative, I wonder why you aren't putting your effort into the already established National First Responder Appreciation Day, September 25th, which was created by the US Senate in 2007? That date was promoted by the First Response Coalition and supported by the American Red Cross, United Way, VFW, and many other groups.

Here is another YouTube video about this:

Also, other people have established September 11th as an appreciation day for first responders (I'm not sure who promoted that date, but it's understandable, of course.)

It seems to me that combining efforts would make ONE day more meaningful rather than having several dates promoted by several people.


(Girl Scout leader and wife of a firefighter)



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