Press Reps' share perspectives on the Girl Scout Alumnae Mixer

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Aliyah_Sarah_Diaz Dennis1-1.jpgPress Reps Aliyah and Sarah met many distinguished Girl Scout alumnae at the recent Alumnae Mixer in Montgomery.  One particularly special alumna they met was Patricia Diaz Dennis, a former chair of the National Board of Directors for Girl Scouts.  Press Rep Sarah said, "Tonight was a very important and fun evening because I got to meet ladies who achieved many things.  There were many things that these women talked about that I could relate to.  It was awesome!"  The girls took a few minutes to sit down with Ms. Dennis and ask her a few questions.


How old were you when you became a Girl Scout? 6 or 7; I joined as a Brownie.


Why did you join Girl Scouts? Girl Scouts I knew were doing great things.  I liked meeting other kids who had different stories and made different choices.  I made friends through Girl Scouts and it changed my life.


What is your fondest memory of Girl Scouts? I am still a Girl Scout; I am a lifetime member.  I went to an event in San Antonio, Texas about 3 years ago, and a senior in high school talked about how Girl Scouts changed her life.  The girl was from Latin America and made friends through Girl Scouts.  She had decided to go to college and was the first in her family to do so. I have enjoyed hearing many girls talk about how Girl Scouts changed their lives.


What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Dulce de Leche.


What advice do you have for Girl Scouts and non Girl Scouts growing up today? Decide who you want to be and be true to it.  Don't pay attention to the media and how you look.  Believe that it is about what's inside. It's not about how you look.  Girl Scouts does that for girls.  It tells them that they can be strong, courageous and powerful and accomplish many things no matter what you look like.


What is the most important thing you learned from Girl Scouts? I learned that I can do things.  Girl Scouts gave me the courage to try new things.

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This is a wonderful article about our former Girl Scouts. Thanks for your hard work.



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