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Join the Daytona 500 Experience to honor women pioneers in auto sports while hosting the Women in the Winner's Circle exhibit co-founded by racing legend Lyn St. James.  Girls will be surrounded by everything Girl Power stands for and develop within themselves what it takes to be a successful female not only in the auto industry but also on any path life takes them.  Your favorites such as the speedway tour, IMAX movie and arcade tokens will be included as well as a food voucher to allow you to choose what you'd like to eat at the 4th Turn Grill.  Cap it all off with a special guest speaker and your troop will have a day they won't soon forget.


For those who are still craving adventure, they are offering the first sleepover for Girl Scouts.  You will receive everything the day program has to offer, but also get to continue into the night with Girl Power Team Building Sessions, a pizza party, movie and continental breakfast.  Because the sleepover is held inside the attraction space is limited so reserve your spot now!


Download the order form for the First Annual Girl Scout Sleepover at Daytona 500 Experience taking place March 20 - 21, 2010. 

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Aliyah_Sarah_Diaz Dennis1-1.jpgPress Reps Aliyah and Sarah met many distinguished Girl Scout alumnae at the recent Alumnae Mixer in Montgomery.  One particularly special alumna they met was Patricia Diaz Dennis, a former chair of the National Board of Directors for Girl Scouts.  Press Rep Sarah said, "Tonight was a very important and fun evening because I got to meet ladies who achieved many things.  There were many things that these women talked about that I could relate to.  It was awesome!"  The girls took a few minutes to sit down with Ms. Dennis and ask her a few questions.


How old were you when you became a Girl Scout? 6 or 7; I joined as a Brownie.


Why did you join Girl Scouts? Girl Scouts I knew were doing great things.  I liked meeting other kids who had different stories and made different choices.  I made friends through Girl Scouts and it changed my life.


What is your fondest memory of Girl Scouts? I am still a Girl Scout; I am a lifetime member.  I went to an event in San Antonio, Texas about 3 years ago, and a senior in high school talked about how Girl Scouts changed her life.  The girl was from Latin America and made friends through Girl Scouts.  She had decided to go to college and was the first in her family to do so. I have enjoyed hearing many girls talk about how Girl Scouts changed their lives.


What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Dulce de Leche.


What advice do you have for Girl Scouts and non Girl Scouts growing up today? Decide who you want to be and be true to it.  Don't pay attention to the media and how you look.  Believe that it is about what's inside. It's not about how you look.  Girl Scouts does that for girls.  It tells them that they can be strong, courageous and powerful and accomplish many things no matter what you look like.


What is the most important thing you learned from Girl Scouts? I learned that I can do things.  Girl Scouts gave me the courage to try new things.

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Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama is pleased to announce a new patch program, Pink Princesses, created by a Girl Scout in Baldwin County.

The objective of the Pink Princesses Patch Program is to teach girls awareness, pride and confidence in the qualities that make them a unique individual.  It encourages them to stand up for their beliefs, and works on ways to resist pressure to behave in ways that contradict their beliefs or violate their individuality.  The program encourages them to model their good character and independence for all to see!

A special component of this patch program is an opportunity to have the Pink Princesses come to your troop meeting to perform the skit, Staying True Never Goes Out of Style.


Last year nearly 200 Girl Scouts from southern Alabama attended Wicked in Birmingham and raved about it.  Now, we want to offer this opportunity to those that missed out on it. Broadway Across America will present Wicked at the new Mahalia Jackson Theatre in New Orleans, and Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama will attend the matinee Saturday, April 3, 2010, at 2 p.m. We realize that this is Easter weekend; however, we have Girl Scout program conflicts the other matinee weekends.

Winner of three Tonys, Wicked is the story of the witches of Oz before Dorothy arrived in Munchkinland. The play is appropriate for ages 8 and up, but is enjoyed by all ages on different levels.

Ticket prices are $45 for upper balcony ($25 deposit) and $85 ($45 deposit) for lower balcony. Deposits are due November 24 and are non-refundable. Deposits will be returned if there are not sufficient registrations for this program.  Final payments are due January 8, 2010. Send event registrations and deposits to Mary Anne Brutkiewicz (ext. 1202) at the Mobile Service Center. Registrations may be mailed, faxed (251.344.4181) or e-mailed to   

power_of_girls.jpg It's hard to believe but most of the 800 million girls around the world are treated differently from boys. In some parts of the world, simply being born a girl means being kept from going to school and told to just do chores and raise a family.

Yet, did you know, that the more education a girl gets, the more likely she is to have a healthy family, a solid income to invest back into her community, and a vision for her future? When a girl thrives, so do whole communities. Pretty amazing, right?

Empowering girls today is a global issue. There are girls everywhere in the world, including the United States, who aren't treated fairly. We have the power to change this and it starts with YOU!

Girl Scouts USA, CARE, Seventeen Magazine and the Documentary Group are asking teen girls, their families, troop leaders and other mentors to make a pledge at The Power of Girls to learn more about issues facing girls around the world. The goal is to collect 50,000 pledges by International Women's Day in March of 2011.

So empower yourself with information!  Take the pledge!

On Thursday, October 29, 2009 President Barack Obama signed the Girl Scouts of the USA Commemorative Coin Act authorizing the minting of 350,000 silver dollar coins in honor of Girl Scouts and the achievements of the 50 million women across the nation whose lives have been influenced by Girl Scouting. This legislation enjoyed strong bipartisan support, with more than 300 cosponsors in the House, and more than 70 cosponsors in the Senate. The measure passed unanimously in both the House and Senate earlier this month.  

The Girl Scouts Centennial Commemorative Coin will be minted in 2013, marking the end of the celebration of our first 100 years and the beginning of our second century of leadership. Ten dollars from the sale of each coin will go to GSUSA to help fund much-needed renovations at the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace in Savannah, Georgia. The bill also calls for the Secretary of the Treasury, in collaboration with the GSUSA and the Commission of Fine Arts, to design the coin in a manner "emblematic of the centennial of Girl Scouts."

This victory would not have happened without your support.  Through your efforts, more than 40,000 messages were sent to Members of Congress asking for their support. Thanks to each of you, we are poised to have a Girl Scouts commemorative coin to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting!



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